Shanghai stock index regains 2900 points, plate strength reverses cycle + consumption makes up

Shanghai stock index regains 2900 points, plate strength reverses cycle + consumption makes up

China Securities Net Sun Yue on Tuesday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen markets fell slightly in the early trading, and then the Shanghai index took the lead in counterattack, closing successfully to recover 2900 points, the Shanghai index achieved seven consecutive Yang, six consecutive gains.

However, the GEM index, which led the terror rally, fell all the way, closing down 0.


  On the disk, there is a seesaw effect in which the strength of the industry reverses.

Mask concepts, medical waste treatment, disinfectant, telecommuting and other major main durations; coal, steel, building materials, big finance and other sectors led the strong rise; real estate, tourism, catering and other sectors affected by the epidemic also appeared to increase their competitiveness.

  Cycle and consumer sector to meet price increases Since the beginning of this week, the hot stocks in the online office and pharmaceutical sector have continued to be active. However, due to the resumption of work, the cycle sector appears to be moving.

  Following the collective surge in cement stocks on Monday, the steel sector also ushered in to make up.

Yesterday, the steel industry rose strongly, and the sector as a whole increased by one.


As for individual stocks, Anyang Iron & Steel, CITIC Special Steel, and Bayi Iron & Steel rose more than 6%.

  In addition, the consumer sector, which has been more affected by the epidemic, also has the highest rise.

The household appliances sector as a whole rose by 2.

72%, Midea Group, Shenzhen Konka A rose more than 4%.

In the liquor sector, Laobai dry liquor and Luzhou Laojiao rose by more than 4%.

  China National Securities believes that in terms of the repair opportunities of some sectors after the future epidemic situation, two main lines can be laid out: First, with the introduction of counter-cyclical hedging policies, steel, building materials, chemical, machinery and other cyclical industries may usher in repairs.

The second is that the suppressed consumer demand in the early stage may usher in explosive growth, and the recovery in demand will drive the profitability and cash flow of consumer companies to improve.

Especially for film, aviation, catering, tourism, commerce and other service-type consumer industries, the impact of the epidemic may only cause consumers to postpone consumption, and then the epidemic situation is transferred, and consumer demand may be released intensively.

  The main line of the financing customer plus warehouse technology is still optimistic. Since February, the transaction size of the two financial markets has gradually picked up, and the financing balance this week has continued to grow.

According to Oriental Fortune 深圳spa会所 Choice data, as of February 10, the balance between the two cities and the two financial institutions was 10,418.

3.2 billion yuan, an increase of 59 over the previous trading day.

7.5 billion yuan.

  Judging from the changes in the financing balance of individual stocks, keen financing funds also actively increase positions in some industries that are expected to improve cyclical stocks.

For example, the biggest increase in financing surplus on Monday was San Aifu, the latest financing surplus of the stock3.

5.7 billion yuan, an increase of 132 over the previous trading day.


In addition, Xingyuan Environment, Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd., and other rising stocks also ranked among the top.

  Looking ahead, BOC International believes that from a high-level perspective, the current position will become the most certain allocation opportunity during the year.

In terms of industry configuration, in the short term, banks and medicines are used as defense, and they can intervene in technology leaders at dips.

From an overall perspective, the value of technology mainline allocation is still prominent.

The downstream demand of new smart phones, smart wearable devices, semiconductors and new energy vehicles is weakly related to the epidemic, and the trend of the industry’s prosperity is more clear.

  Zhang Xia, chief strategy analyst of China Merchants Securities, believes that under the expectation of steady growth, the financial, real estate, construction, and automotive sectors that have been affected by the policy have increased their attention; in the medium and long term, they believe that A-shares are in the two and a half years that will start in 2019Cycle, the blessing of 5G technology and the increasing demand for information technology will become the direction in which the technology sector will continue to grow in the next few quarters.