Quest: Why doesn’t your husband like to go home?

Quest: Why doesn’t your husband like to go home?

The first reason is that after the stereotypical life Jing and Lei are together, they always go home on time to offer a loving dinner, and then arrange a walk for two, enjoy the video, two people practice yoga together on Wednesdays, and invite friends to eat on Saturday night .Life is so perfect that Jing feels that this is called life-long protection.

However, since the second month, Lei has been working overtime on the pretext that he always returns to the duo of the two late.

  Opinion: Women and men have different definitions of home. Women regard home as the sky and consider it to be the focus of life.

Men thought it was just a place to rest after the war.

So, don’t force a man to adapt to your pace of home life, repeating boringly again he wants to escape.

  Strategy: Let him realize “night life”, give him enough space, and at the same time, he must inject fresh elements into his life.

  Second reason, the wrong mind MESSAGE SAM works in a stressful accounting firm. JUNE wants to be a good helper in his career. Therefore, after he returns home from work, JUNE always plays the role of a small military division to advise him.

Her business experience has really played a big role, and SAM’s work is getting better every day.

One day, after the two quarreled, SAM yelled at her: “Do you think I need your pointer?

“I will not go home for three days.

  Opinion: When a man returns home, what he wants to do is to leave work aside and relax.

But there was always a lover standing next to him who wanted to bring him back to the working atmosphere. How did HIGH get up?

  Tactics: He doesn’t actually dislike your assistance, but just feels that time and place are not right, so he still has a little self-esteem to maintain.

The next time you make a suggestion, you may wish to communicate on MSN in the afternoon.

  Reason three: Lin, an information exchange concentration camp, has been a happy little housewife for two or three months. In the days when she does not have to work, she takes care of her little home perfectly.

Even if she has been together for a long time, but she can’t see her husband Chen for a day, she still misses it.

So whenever Chen was off duty, she loved to stay by his side and chattered about her thoughts and the fun of the day.

But she found that Chen not only did not comfort her as before, but also got home late.

  Opinion: A woman is idle and bored all day, naturally there is time and space to double the feelings, but do n’t think that the thoughts of men will coincide with you-every day you have to face the feelings of 500 ducks.Will not run away?

  Tactics: A full-time housewife must learn to have some fun for herself. If you really miss him, remember that writing a letter is 100 times more effective than talking.

  Reason four, why do you want to be at home? Susan is a career woman. She has to be a trapeze several times a week.

In contrast, her lover Jiang Tao is a civil servant and her work is bland and stable.

Every time Susan returns home, she is so exhausted that she doesn’t want to go out at all, she just wants to sleep at home on the weekend.

However, Jiang Tao really wanted to play outside.

If Susan disagrees, he simply says he has made an appointment with a friend and goes out early in the morning on a weekend.

Susan felt that Jiang Tao was becoming increasingly inconsiderate, as if she did not want to accompany her at all.

  Opinion: Jiang Tao has either completely changed his heart or panicked.

Although Susan is very busy, she can’t use her own clock to ask her boyfriend to advance and retreat, she just wants the other party to follow her own meaning.

After all, love takes time to manage. In such a good time on the weekend, why does Susan stay at home?

  Tactics: Hurry up and arrange a short-term leisure trip. He can sweat a lot on the golf course. You can also take a nap comfortably by the green grass. Isn’t it better to relax than sleep at home?

  Reason five, the outbreak of guilt “is working overtime again!

You count how many times you haven’t come back to dinner with me this month!

In the Golden Week, I still have to leave for a trip with my colleagues, and also said that I can’t take me with me, and that I want to strengthen interpersonal relationships!

Is work really that important?

So who in your company doesn’t spit blood like you are so busy?

I don’t think you want to come back at all, you don’t love me at all and don’t take me to heart at all!

“This kind of routine crying often happens in the conversation between Lei and Zhou.

In Zhou’s heart, he really felt guilty for not being able to spend more time with Lei, but he was also a little confused. Why does he still prefer to stay in the office to do something every time he works overtime until 8 or 9  Opinion: Yes, men who do n’t go home always have a little guilt.

But if you have a total budget, they simply have to delay the tactics and wait for you to come to a total outbreak.

Zhou’s mind has such a subconscious mind: Anyway, I have to face her repetition when I go back at 9 o’clock. It is better to go back at 12 o’clock and suffer less.

  Tactics: It is a fact that he does not go home, and how sad you are with yourself, it is better to think about how to change it.

Try to pick him up at the office several times in a row, and see if he touches him, dare he always hang up his work?

Handbook for newborn baby ear protection

Handbook for newborn baby ear protection

In addition to the ear protection strategy, in addition to when the baby suffers from ear problems, mothers must take special care, daily care is also essential, the following describes how parents care for the baby’s ears in daily life.

  Keep away from the smell of second-hand smoke cigarettes will stimulate the baby’s delicate nasal cavity and throat, making it easier for bacteria to multiply in these two parts, thereby reducing resistance. Once the bacteria enter the middle ear, it will easily cause infection.

So if you or your family have a smoking habit, now you have one of the best reasons to quit smoking-for your baby’s health.

  The ears of newborn babies who are away from the voice are very delicate.

Need to be protected.

The most important thing is to avoid leaving your baby surrounded by strong sounds for a long time.

For example, don’t turn on the loud speaker or the TV for several hours next to your baby.

Because if the baby was in a noisy environment, the inner ear cell cilia will be damaged.

  Avoid getting water into your baby’s bath.

Prevent water from getting into your ears.

The baby’s ears can be worn close to the face from back to front to prevent water from entering the ears.

For example, you can use a soft cotton swab to hold the cotton in a fluffy shape.

Gently insert the ear to rotate, but not too deep, it must be fixed that the baby’s head cannot be moved.

It is best to control the swimming time with your baby within 1 hour.

  Full-scan hearing newborn babies usually undergo a hearing test in the hospital, but some hidden factors are often overlooked.

If you have the following 10 high-risk factors and you feel that your baby’s hearing is not sensitive, you should take your baby for a detailed examination again.


Either father or mother has a family history of hearing impairment.


The mother was pregnant with measles or other viral diseases.


Newborn babies who have high levels of bilirubin or need a blood transfusion.


The baby’s head suffers from congenital malformations, including narrow facial bones, different color eyes, and white hair on the forehead.


Babies weigh less than 1500kg at birth.


Your baby has had hypoxia during the delivery.


Your baby has been infected with bacterial meningitis.


Your baby has been using antibiotics for more than 2 weeks.


The baby was born with an endotracheal tube for more than 1 week.


The baby had a history of otitis media.

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Curry beef

Curry beef

Process: Beef curry beef Ingredients: Ingredients: 500 grams of beef (lean) Ingredients: 150 grams of carrot Seasoning: 20 grams of curry, 10 grams of cooking wine, 2 grams of MSG, 25 grams of starch (corn), 25 grams of chicken oil, green onionCurry beef with 20 grams, 15 grams of ginger, 15 grams of garlic (white skin), 5 grams of star anise, and 3 grams of salt: 1.

Cut the meat into domino pieces, soak and wash with water; 2.

2. Peel the carrot and cut into hob pieces;

Add the beef to a boiling water pot and cook until it is completely drained; 4.

4. Carrots are cooked with water until six are ripe; 5.

Add beef to the casserole, add water and simmer for half an hour, skim off the foam; 6.

Add curry powder, cooking wine, salt, aniseed, spring onion segments, ginger slices, garlic slices simmered until nine mature;

Add carrot cubes, MSG, and simmer until cooked through; 8.

Remove the beef into a plate, pour the soup into a spoon, boil over high heat, and season;

Hook the juice with water starch, drizzle the chicken oil, and burn it on the beef to serve.

What is your emotional intelligence at work?


What is your emotional intelligence at work?

Emotional intelligence, the social counterpart of IQ, is complex, largely because its relative standard is some rather ambiguous variable-including whether you are innate or incompatible with someone who happens to be your colleague.

  However, if you want to have a general understanding of your emotional intelligence, the following quiz can help you.

  Answer the following questions correctly and honestly. It is estimated that in the minds of your colleagues, superiors and subordinates, how do you evaluate each of the following characteristics, 4 points are very correct, 3 points are repeated, 2 points are similar, 1 point isdisagree.

  -I can usually stay calm, optimistic, calm, even at a pinch.

  -I can keep a clear mind under pressure and focus on the task at hand.

  -I can admit my mistake.

  -I usually or always fulfill my promises and keep my promises.

  -I am responsible for achieving my goals.

  -I am organized and careful in my work.

  -I often get new ideas from a wide variety of sources.

  -I’m good at generating new ideas.

  -I can handle various requirements and changing priorities smoothly.

  -I can expect results and a strong drive to achieve my goals.

  -I like to set challenging goals, and I am willing to take mixed risks to achieve them.

  -I always learn how to improve my performance, including asking for advice from people younger than me.

  -I stand ready to make sacrifices to achieve an important collective goal.

  -The company’s mission is something I understand and can support.

  -The value of my group (or division, department, or company) influences my decisions and clarifies the choices I make.

  -I am actively looking for opportunities to promote the overall goals of the organization and seek help from others.

  -I am pursuing goals that are higher or higher than what is required or desired in my current job.

  -I have the least obstacles and frustrations for a while, but they can’t stop me from moving forward.

  -Avoiding red tape and modifying outdated rules are sometimes necessary.

  -I am pursuing new ideas, even if that means trying something completely new.

  -I can suppress my impulse or reduce my mood at work.

  -I can change strategies quickly when things change.

  -Getting new information is my best way to reduce uncertainty and do my job better.

  -I don’t usually attribute frustrations to personal shortcomings (own or others).

  -I do things with the expectation of success, not fear of failure.

  A score below 70 means something is wrong.

If your overall score is low, don’t despair: EQ isn’t impossible to improve.

“Emotional intelligence can be gained through learning, and in fact we each improve it throughout our lives, albeit to varying degrees.

Smart sun protection + repair for skin day and night mechanism

Smart sun protection + repair for skin day and night mechanism

The sun is shining, has your whitening operation started?

But don’t take lightly the ultraviolet rays around us.

The so-called self-confidence and self-knowledge ability are invincible. With a basic understanding, you can be smart about the maintenance procedures of sun protection and isolation!

  UV rays, the enemy of skin aging!

  The number one enemy of skin aging is UV rays. Excessive UV exposure is the enemy of soft skin. It will accelerate the destruction of skin cells and tissues.

In fact, the intensity of sunlight is inevitable. Once a little ultraviolet rays, it will cause skin damage!

According to the latest medical research, the main cause of people’s appearance is that nearly 90% are caused by photoaging in the sun. UV radiation can replace cell damage, enhance the formation of free radicals and melanin, and penetrate deep into the skin.The collagen is destroyed internally and is reported with increasing severity with wrinkled spots.

  Day and night mechanism maintenance tips For different skin day and night mechanisms, you should choose skin care products with different effects!

  After a lot of ultraviolet rays and external pollution sources in the daytime, the prime time for skin repair and renewal at night!

According to research, at 11 to 2 pm, the skin’s metabolism is three times faster than during the day. Dermatologist Yang Xinyi pointed out that when the human body is asleep, the skin’s protective mechanism is removed during the day, mainly for renewal and activation. This is the best timeEnhance skin metabolism and whitening function with high-efficiency whitening skin care products that promote skin metabolism.

In the daytime, the skin should pay special attention to the protection from ultraviolet rays and external pollution. Doctors recommend using a protective whitening day cream that can enhance skin resistance and have sun protection effects. The concentration of fruit acid in daily use can be reduced, which can reduce low keratinocyte bonding.Increases epithelial cell metabolism and can effectively achieve whitening and rejuvenating effects after continuous daily use!

  Dermatologists say that the general metabolism cycle of the skin is 28 days, so the product is generally available on the market for 7 days and can be whitened in 10 hours. I am afraid it is just the surface of the stratum corneum!

In order to truly metabolize the melanin cells in the basal layer of the skin, according to the skin metabolism cycle, it takes 28 days to completely remove the old waste cells full of melanin, so that the new skin can completely penetrate into white light!

  The first step to enjoying the baptism and whitening of the sun is to isolate and prevent the sun. But the coefficient of sunscreen seems to be a difficult myth. Is it high or low?

There is no certain answer.

In fact, the sun protection factor will change seasonal needs. Habits and purposes are different. Generally, it is enough to use SPF 20 and 30 at work. However, if you have actual whitening sun protection needs, it is not overwhelming to use a high factor barrier cream. The important thing is the thickness.Just be refreshing and unburdened.

  The order of using sunscreen products, if you must use a highly repairable essence product at the same time, the sunscreen product is rubbed after the essence, if the face feels dry, you can add a moisturizer on the outermost layer of the skin.

Sun protection is indispensable. Repairing is more important. New sunscreen products have added a repair formula and multiple plant ingredients, such as green tea and aloe vera, which can eliminate the redness and swelling caused by inflammation while repairing the skin.Internally damaged cells balance skin’s immune system.

  If you want complete sun protection, you should try to avoid military activities between 10 am and 2 pm. At the same time, regardless of the seasonal climate, you must always add sunscreen when you go out.

Common sunscreen products in the field can be divided into beauty care products and medical sunscreen products. The sun protection factor of beauty care products is mainly an additive substance other than cosmetics, which provides a shallow and shallow use to prevent excessive UV exposure.
In the interpretation of the sun protection index, SPF represents the ability to prevent UVB, and PA + (+++) represents the coefficient of anti-UVA.

It is reminded that most sunscreen products will reduce their effectiveness due to washing, bathing or sweating, so they must be replenished at any time to be effective.

  Sunscreen can be shared with basic maintenance makeup. Generally, sunscreen is applied on the top layer. For the best protection of sunscreen, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen or barrier cream 15 minutes before going out to form a protective film for the skin.

Therefore, sunscreen products need to be replenished at least once every 2-3 hours. Special attention must be paid to the fact that sunscreen products with a high sun protection factor are sometimes convenient to use, but they are less breathable because of their hiding power.Start with low SPF.

  4 tips to do a good job in sun protection 1, to develop the habit of sun protection, no matter sunny or rainy days, you must rub sunscreen half an hour before going out.

  2. Both ends of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the ears are areas with high UV exposure. Sun protection must be strengthened and must not be omitted.

  3, sunscreen products must be replenished at any time, follow the level of sun protection factor, apply every few hours.

  4, easy to get oily, remove makeup occasions, you can use sunscreen foundation or sunscreen, or use sunscreen powder to supplement at any time.

  1. Sunscreen Whitening Day Cream: L’Oréal Paris Paris Whitening Moisturizing Cream SPF20 ¥ 140.

00 / 50ml is naturally white and instantly blooming.

The new L’Oreal Paris Snow Whitening Moisturizing Cream can instantly make skin fair and translucent.

Can make skin like pearls, fair and transparent, delicate and elegant.

Can effectively inhibit the production of melanin and bring long-lasting whitening effect to the skin.

Diminishes the appearance of dark spots and dullness caused by sun exposure, restores fairness and brightens the skin, and doubles the beauty.

Even on hot summer days, it can provide extremely comprehensive UVA protection to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and keep it white and clear.

  Netizens’ experience: A little bit of creamy cream size and elegant fragrance, I like it very well, and it is easy to spread evenly. It will feel a little shiny after just applying it, but it will be completely absorbed after two or three minutes.Now, the shine is gone, and it is very refreshing. There is no muddy phenomenon. SPF20 is very suitable for commuting to work, so that the skin does not turn black, and the moisturizing degree is also good. It can provide the skin with all-day nutrition.recommend.

  Recommended reason: mild, lighter, and instantly moisturizing.

  Clarins Clarins Clear Whitening Sun Moisturizing Milk SPF20 PA ++ $ 50.00/50 ml is an indispensable daytime delicate skin care product to give the skin the best care, moisturizing the skin and protecting it from UV rays.

Light and feather-like, it will significantly reduce the appearance of faded spots after continuous use.

  Netizens’ experience: The volume is still clear and easy to absorb, and it will feel a little wet when I first take it. At first I thought it was very greasy, but it will be completely absorbed after a while, very refreshing and surprising.

And it has a sun protection index. Sun protection is the key to whitening. I usually use it during the day, which is very good!

  Recommended reason: clear, fast absorption, suitable for summer use.

  OLAY Magnolia Oil Water Aqua Sun Cream $ 79.

00 / 50g against 8 kinds of skin problems at once: effectively resist UV damage, remove dark yellow skin, restore skin radiance, lighten spots, whiten skin, reduce excess oil, reduce greasy feeling, resist dry skin, make skin roughIt becomes smooth and detailed.

  Netizens’ experience: I have used at least 3 bottles, the volume is not greasy, the moisturizing effect is good, and the whitening effect is also good. The taste is also good, and it can be used for daily sun protection. It is suitable for young office workers.

  Recommended reason: whitening effect is obvious, can be used as basic care.

  2. Whitening Repair Night Cream: Lancome Lancome Smart Whitening Night Cream ¥ 695 / 50ml Deep whitening at night, which gently repairs skin, enhances skin repair ability and effectively fades spots.

Lancome is proud to announce the launch of a new generation of smart pleasure whitening products, bringing unprecedented whitening power.

  Netizens’ experience: Improving the skin color from the inside out, the fragrance of scent is completely free of burden on the shell, I can use it with peace of mind, without feeling tight and moisturized.

The complexion is much brighter. In the morning, I feel that my complexion is more energetic. The skin turns yellow quickly. After a week, my complexion is fairer and fairer. Surprisingly, the small skin is also much better and happy to die.

The whole person was energetic.

  Recommended reason: strong repair ability, high moisturizing, refreshing and fragrant.

  Dior Dior Snow Whitening Moisturizing Cream ¥ 550.

00 / 30ml perfect moisturizing and regenerating effect, leaving skin flawless, whitening, more even and beautiful than before.

Extremely refreshing gel cream soothes, smoothes, evens out skin tone, promotes and strengthens the skin’s natural luster.

  Netizens’ experience: Dior’s whitening cream will take effect after long-term use. I wonder if this means that the stimulus is low!

The moisturizing degree is definitely not superior to that of moisturizing products, but the moisturizing degree is acceptable. It is recommended to MMs who want low-stimulus whitening products. Long-term use can see the effect. When I used it for 2 months, I suddenly found myself whiteA little bit happy.

  Recommended reason: not heavy moisture, light white gel-like, pleasant fragrance, quickly absorbed.

  3, sun protection and repair after sunburn: Vichy Vichy Daily Soothing Milk ¥ 178 / 150ml relieves the skin’s dryness and lack of water caused by sun exposure, repairs and enhances the skin’s natural resistance to sunlight.

Lipidure, an active moisturizing factor, locks in moisture in the epidermis and prevents evaporation and loss.

Plant lipid extracts help to soothe the nourishing ingredients, restructure the skin’s hydrolipidic film, and effectively prevent external invasion of the skin.

Vitamin E effectively neutralizes free radicals.

  Netizens’ experience: The sun protection category can be regarded as Vichy’s star product.

It is not greasy to use on the whole body in summer, it is very refreshing and comfortable, and it also has a good soothing care effect after sun exposure.

  Recommended reason: high cost performance, obvious after-sun repair effect.

  AUPRES Gentle Sunscreen SPF30 PA ++ ¥ 150 / 40g prevents internal skin damage and keeps skin moisturized. It is mild in nature, smooth and easy to apply, does not contain fragrance, and is suitable for children.

  Netizens’ experience: nature is mild and fragrance is eliminated, so sensitive skin can also be used with confidence, light and soft, easy to apply, sun protection effect is also ideal, I generally use it when the skin is sensitive during the season!

  Recommended reason: mild, refreshing and non-greasy Avene natural sunscreen ¥ 198.

00 / 50ml contains Avene spring water, soothing, anti-irritant, anti-free radical effect.

Eliminates chemical shading residues, fragrances and surfactants, highly safe.

  Netizens’ experience: I really like these sunglasses.

My skin is a bit dry.

It does not feel dry at all, and it can adjust the skin tone, and it looks clean after use.

And the effect is also good. After using it, the spots in summer and summer did not worsen.

And not afraid of sweating.

I like it very much.

  Recommended reason: suitable for medium, dry or combination, sensitive skin, have isolation, adjust skin tone effect.

Talk about homosexuality

Talk about homosexuality

Absolutely, documentary literature and sociology about the lives of homosexuals in the country began to meet the public.

In this type of text, homosexuals are usually described as a group of “heterosexuals” who take sex as the sole purpose of life and are passionately seeking sexual gratification, a group of “monsters” who prefer habits and behave abnormally.

However, as a researcher on the phenomenon of homosexuality, I have been shocked many times by the noble manners, mature reason, and rich emotions shown in the letters received by homosexuals.

  Homosexuality is a long-established physio-psycho-social phenomenon that has existed since the beginning of human society.

In times and regions where the concept of reproductive worship and its derivation prevailed, and homosexuality prevailed, homosexuality has always been regarded as heresy, malpractices, or special corruption.

At the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries, many masters of psychology, psychiatry, and sexology found it fairly naive and unscientific to attribute homosexuality to moral issues.

Because of this, this phenomenon is generally classified as morbid by academic circles in the middle of this century.

Traditional psychology and psychiatry have also inherited alternative views.

  However, a large number of scientific research results since the 1960s first denied the traditional theory of treating homosexuality as a disease in a few regions, and then were widely recognized in the world’s scientific community.

This eventually led to the 1992 World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases (Tenth Edition) excluding homosexuality from the disease sample, and at the same time as a natural state of a few people-parallel to heterosexuality.

Many famous scholars liken the difference between homosexuality and heterosexuality to the difference between different races, or the difference between left-handed and right-handed (which hand is used).

  Due to historical reasons, the overall long-term inability to cause or adversely affect inherent sexual activity raises “problems”, especially moral issues.

In recent years, the rapid development of adolescent sexual science has wiped out some pseudo-scientific knowledge related to traditional prejudice (such as the awareness of self-stimulation or masturbation).

But because same-sex love does not fail to breed and involves others, most people still insist on treating it as a moral issue.

This situation requires the long-term efforts of medical, psychological, psychiatric, sociological, scientific research, legal and other multi-disciplinary experts and the same-sex group to correct it.

  Since the beginning of this century, especially in the past 10 years, a number of scientific research results have shown that whether a person chooses the same sex or heterosexuality after sexual maturity is mainly due to congenital factors.

On the basis of this biological quality, acquired environmental factors (such as parenting, early sexual experience) have a role.

The survey found that in different human societies with different cultural backgrounds (including ethnic customs, economics, political backgrounds, etc.), the proportion of homosexuals in the total population is extremely similar-in various countries and regions, including modern China, 1?
5% are gay.

  Humans (AIDS) were first identified in the 1980s among some gay men in the United States.

This has made homosexuals the targets of cold-blooded attacks by right-wing politicians, neo-fascists and some churches in the western countries, which has caused the entire gay community to suffer injustice.

However, further research finds that nearly 80% of AIDS patients and HIV-infected people in the world are heterosexuals who contract the disease due to heterosexual behavior. The incidence of AIDS is the lowest among female homosexuals, and they are likely to develop AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.Far worse than heterosexual men and women.

It is with this important fact in mind, especially the interests of all human health, that the World Health Organization has put forward “to meet the challenges of (AIDS)”, “share rights, share responsibilities” (in AIDS, everyone is tolerated by others)Rights, everyone bears the responsibility of tolerating others) and other World AIDS Day slogans, and has led the general society to be tolerant of same-sex people.

The most recent (September 1995) Third Asia-Pacific Conference on AIDS further put forward the slogan: “Understanding, Commitment and Care”.

  Pleasant joy is a positive and significant change in awareness about homosexuality.

Science is becoming a standard bearer to guide the public in understanding progress.

Society has begun to focus on homosexuals with a new attitude.

In 1994, multi-disciplinary experts from across the country gathered to discuss homosexuality in Beijing. They agreed that the heterosexual masses recognized a new type of relationship of mutual understanding, tolerance and help with the gay community.

(39 Health Network 1994).


20) Xiao Qian, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, published a essay entitled “A Question Worth Faced”, stating that such a turn “signifies that this particular phenomenon (Note: homosexuality) has adopted an enlightened attitude.” This isFacts overcome inherent stereotypes in an effort to keep pace with modern society.

Not long ago, Shanghai law enforcement agencies sentenced two criminals each to one year and six months in an attempt to report homosexual discrimination and extortion.

  Our society is advancing to a more harmonious, more rational, and more beneficial goal of human development.

Compatibility of various medicated diets

Compatibility of various medicated diets

Mainly include: Pork Rhododendron, Platycodon grandiflorum, Coptis chinensis, Coptis chinensis, Lilium, Atractylodes; pig blood bogey rehmannia, Polygonum multiflorum, honey; mutton anti-pinellia, calamus, boron copper, danshen; dog meat anti-merchanti, boiled almonds; catfish anti-thicknessPiao, avoid Ophiopogon; garlic avoids Rehmannia glutinosa, Polygonum multiflorum; radish avoids Rehmannia glutinosa, Polygonum multiflorum;

  There are some taboos about the compatibility of food with food.

Although the reason is not sufficient, it may still be appropriate to be cautious in the application of medicated diet, and it is appropriate to use them as an important reference.

These taboos are: pork, buckwheat, pigeon meat, catfish, soybeans; mutton, vinegar; dog meat, garlic; catfish, mustard, pork liver; pork blood, soy beans; pork liver, buckwheat, bean paste, carp intestines, fish; carpDog meat; turtle meat avoid amaranth, wine, fruit; catfish avoid dog meat, dog blood; bird meat avoid boar liver; duck eggs avoid mulberry, plums; chicken meat mustard, glutinous rice, plums; chicken meat avoid pork, rabbit meat, duck meat, Amaranth, eggs.

Abdominal press

Abdominal press

Health experts pointed out that according to the abdomen can health care.

In the classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” of Chinese medicine, there is such a narrative: “Abdomen presses 揉, health care.”

The local famous doctor of the Tang Dynasty, the 100-year-old Sun Sizhen also suffered from: “Abdomen should be often, can go to all diseases.

“Song Dongpo, a famous writer in the Song Dynasty, was good at self-protection from Modantian and took out the verse of “One night, Dantian hand-made.”

Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen of the human body is the “source of qi and yang, the qi and yang of the five internal organs.”

The spleen and stomach are the acquired nature of the human body. The water valley received by the stomach is subtle and can maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body.

At the same time, the spleen and stomach are the hubs for the rise and fall of the human body. Only the Shengqing and the turbidity can be gasified and normal, and healthy and longevity.

Press the abdomen to pass and up and down, divide the yin and yang, go to the old and new, enrich the five internal organs, drive the evils of the external sense, clear the endogenous diseases.

Modern medicine believes that the abdominal abdomen can increase the blood flow of the abdominal muscles and intestinal smooth muscle, enhance the tension of the inner wall muscles and the function of the lymphatic system, and activate the secretion function of the organs in the body, thereby promoting the digestion and absorption of food, andIt is obviously important for the elderly to significantly improve the peristaltic function of the large and small intestines, prevent the effect of promoting excretion, and prevent and eliminate constipation.

Human gastritis, the concept of men’s stomach problems often correct to knead the abdomen, can also produce a sufficient amount of prostaglandins in the gastrointestinal mucosa, thereby effectively preventing excessive gastric acid secretion, and can prevent the occurrence of peptic ulcer.

The abdomen can also reduce the abnormal accumulation of the abdomen.

This is because the sputum can stimulate the peripheral nerves, so that the abdominal wall capillaries are unobstructed, thereby promoting unfortunate decomposition and metabolism.

Frequently pressing the abdomen will also help the body maintain mental pleasure.

Pressing your abdomen before going to bed helps you fall asleep and prevent insomnia.

For patients with hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and cerebrovascular disease, pressing the abdomen can extinguish the liver fire and promote blood circulation, thus assisting the treatment.

The patient is under the pressure of the doctor to press the abdomen to choose to go to bed before going to bed at night and before getting up. The specific operation method: emptying the urine, washing the hands, taking the supine position, flexing the knees, relaxing the whole body, pressing the left hand on the abdomen, palms facingNavel, right hand stacked on the left hand.

First, clockwise, 50 times around the umbilical hernia, then press 揉 50 times counterclockwise.

When pressing 揉, the force should be moderate, the energy should be concentrated, and the breathing should be natural.

If you can hold on to your abdomen button, you will definitely receive a noticeable fitness effect.

Obviously, when there is suppurative infection in the abdomen skin or acute onset of the abdomen (enteric inflammation, ulcer, appendicitis, etc.), it is not appropriate to press the sputum to avoid spreading; diabetes has cancer, and it is not appropriate to press sputum to prevent cancer spread or rupture of blood vessels.

When you have abdomen, if you have a feeling of warmth in the abdomen, long-term feeling or bowel sounds, exhaust, etc., are normal reactions, do not worry.

Fatigue caused by improper sleeping posture


Fatigue caused by improper sleeping posture

Too many people wake up to sleep, feel dizzy, back pain, tiredness, the reason is mainly due to improper sleeping posture.


People sleeping on their backs in the sleeping position are usually very tired or drunk, and they quickly enter deep sleep in the supine state.

At this time, the sleeper’s hands will unconsciously put on his chest.

Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: During sleep, the parts facing Zhongkaiqiao are mostly facing up, while Qi and body fluid tend to go down.

For example, when you are asleep, because your face is facing upwards, snoring or coughing is likely to occur due to the fall of the tongue base or saliva flowing into the trachea, which is very detrimental to the movement of lung blood, which affects lung function and even causes sudden death due to stagnation.

So, turn over and change your sleeping position while you are sleeping.


Sleeping on your stomach Sleeping on your stomach is like a baby, so people who sleep this way are more likely to drool.

And, if your black hair is flattened on the bed, a slightly boring situation may occur.

Traditional Chinese medicine interpretation: The biggest disadvantage of sleeping on your back is the pressure on the heart.

If the time is too long, or the pressure is too heavy due to excessive reasons, it may affect the operation of the whole body’s qi and blood, and cause conditions such as heart discomfort and difficulty breathing.

Chinese medicine says that heart failure is caused by lack of qi, so you should first ensure a good breathing state during sleep.

If you feel drowsy while lying down and sleeping, you can take a high pillow position while sleeping to ensure smooth heart qi and blood.


Sleeping curled up Sleeping curled up and sleeping is not a good gesture, except it looks like a small shrimp, and it can also cause harm to your back and back.

Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: According to a medical survey, one in every five Chinese has had oral or back pain problems in the past 6 months.

Poor sleeping posture is the initial cause of back pain or neck pain.

When a person’s chest is straightened, they feel most comfortable. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that poor blood vessels can lead to deficiency.

So whether you’re sitting, standing, or even lying down, you should adjust your posture to the most comfortable level, and don’t always bend your waist.

For sleep of up to seven months, the whole body should be stretched to sleep.


Sleeping with Pillow Arms This is a very unconscious sleep position. You may be thinking about something with your arms in bed before going to bed, but fall asleep without knowing it.

When I woke up, I just felt that I was no longer in my own territory. I didn’t listen to my shoulders or fingers.

  Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Fall asleep with your arms on your arms for a few hours without moving. This will directly compress the radial nerve of your upper arm, causing paralysis of your forearms, wrists, and fingers.

This is exactly the reason that traditional Chinese medicine does not hurt if you do not, but it hurts if you do not.

During sleep, qi, blood, and breathing gradually enter a stable and normal state. During deep sleep, the condition of qi and blood block in the limb cannot be adjusted because it is not noticed, and it quickly enters the paralysis period.

So don’t get into the habit of putting your arms behind your head.


Sleeping completely sideways Sleeping completely sideways is to hold your side of the body. If you squeeze the sides and legs you are holding, you do n’t feel it at first, but when it becomes a habitual sleeping position, you will feel angry.Problems of blood stasis.

  Interpretation of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Relevant experts surveyed 2,000 patients with cerebral infarction, and found that more than 95% of the patients completely slept sideways, suppressing the habit of holding half of their body.

On the basis of the existing arteriosclerosis, such a sleeping position aggravates blood flow disorders, in particular, causes the blood flow rate to slow down, and it is easy to gradually gather at the intimal lesion of the artery to form a thrombus.

In order to eliminate this hidden danger, it is better to lie supine from time to time, and to lie sideways from time to time.

After the autumn, swimming in the wild is easy to hurt.

After the autumn, swimming in the wild is easy to hurt.

The weather after the beginning of autumn did not seem to be much cooler, especially in recent days, the climate continued to be hot and humid, so many people were as greedy as the three days, swimming in the open-air swimming pool.

Li Dawa, a Chinese medicine doctor at Jishuitan, said that the weather after the autumn is obviously different from the summer. The open waters will be much cooler than the original ones. Because the body temperature can not adapt, it is easy to cramp and catch a cold, so “wild swimming” must be cautious.

  Swimming exercise can be changed to indoors. Dr. Li said that swimming can both temper the will and strengthen the body. It is a good exercise method and an activity that can be carried out all year round.

However, swimming in the wild requires scientific training. For the average person, in the case of not very strong physical fitness, in addition to the high temperature summer, swimming in other seasons should be carried out indoors.

  First of all, swim to go to the swimming pool.

The water in the pool of the swimming pool is generally sterilized by a chlorine solution. The disinfectant generally kills the bacteria virus, so as to ensure its own safety, and must also wear protective glasses to protect the cornea.

  In addition, you should also respond to some common problems.

For example, when swimming, the water temperature is generally lower than the body temperature, and may have a cold.

Therefore, before going into the water, make a shower to adapt the body to the water temperature.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your body is too tired, or you are emotional, you are not suitable for swimming.

  If you are nervous, the water is too cold or staying in the water for too long, you may cramp.

The preparation activities before launching are adequate and sufficient, and the time in the water is not too long.

Don’t panic if you have cramps.

For example, if the toe is stabbed, immediately bend the leg, pull the toe nail open and straighten it; the calf cramps, first take a breath, sit on the water, step on the toe, reduce the calf and stretch forward.Hey, let the contracted muscles contract and relax; when the fingers cramp, hold the fist into the hand, then forcefully open, and then repeat, you can get rid of.

  Swimming time is too long, blood gathers in the lower limbs, the brain expands, the body’s energy consumption consumes excessive body fatigue, and may be dizzy.

At this time, you should immediately go to the shore to rest, keep warm, and drink some light sugar salt.

  Uncomfortable eyes are also a common problem and may be caused by unclean water.

Immediately after landing, rinse your eyes with clean, light salt water, then use chloramphenicol or erythromycin eye drops to make your eyes hot.

  After the fall, the team who can practice winter swimming and winter swimming is also growing stronger. However, winter swimming is not a one-off. If people with better physical quality, they may wish to step up after the autumn and gradually become a winter swimmer.

  Winter swimming is best practiced in the summer, especially in the fall, so that the body adapts to low temperature climate.

Now is the time to start practicing winter swimming.

As the temperature drops, the time to swim is best done at a high temperature every day at noon.

  After the weather is cold, the preparation activities before swimming are very important. Because the temperature difference between the body temperature and the water temperature is very large, you must first run on the shore, jump, do exercises, and move all the joints of the whole body. Rubbing the whole body skin makes the joints flexible and the muscles relax.It is feverish, but it is better to not sweat.

  The time of swimming can’t be soaked in the water like summer, and the time should be short.

It is mainly determined according to the physical condition of the individual, the conditions of the high temperature and water temperature of the day.

Beginners can go ashore every 3-5 minutes.

When there is chills, purple skin, dizziness or headache, you should go ashore immediately.

The time of entering the water must be strictly controlled due to the different physical conditions of the person.