Am I born without a son to love others

Am I born without a son to love others

I have been with my husband for three years, and now I think that I have been living in dreams for the past three years. Sometimes when I see him and my child sleeping next to me, they have an unreal feeling.The mother of a two-year-old child, often lamenting that this is all my marriage and the rest of my life?

After thinking, there is always deep helplessness and unwillingness. I am only 25 years old. Am I going to live a life with this man?

  I married my husband because of a momentary impulse and anger. At that time, I just broke up with my first love boyfriend, and I felt extremely sad. Just when the company wanted to transfer people to Yuhuan, I applied for it. After I got to Yuhuan, I met him. He was thatThe person in charge, although he has little cultural and management experience, but because he is the cousin of the boss, he is in charge of everything from small to large. I went to Yuhuan on the third day and I kept coughing and having fever. He kept playing with me.The hospital gave me an injection, and told me a joke. Every time everyone eats together, he will be very lively. He just felt that he was a humorous and enthusiastic person. I never thought he would like me. Only after the New Year, heCalled me and asked me to go to his house, I think he only invited me to his house for the sake of ordinary friends, and I was stupid enough to think of him and me.When I arrived at his house, I found that his family was very ordinary. The house was old-fashioned. His family thought he brought his daughter-in-law back, and he showed 120,000 enthusiasm to me. He didn’t explain it, and I started to twist.,At night, I lived in his room. I said where you live. He said he was afraid of me and would stay in the room to accompany me. Only then did I understand that I had entered the wolf den and my husband began to confess to me.He said he wanted to marry me home the first time he saw me. Today he finally got his wish. When he pressed me on the bed, I cried. I said that I was not a virgin anymore. If you were only a temporaryImpulse, if you don’t plan to marry me, don’t touch me, I’m afraid you will regret it, he said, we will get married tomorrow, OK?

At that time, my mood was very complicated. Because of falling in love and wanting to avenge my first love boyfriend, we had a relationship that should not have happened. From then on my miserable life began.

  I am a more traditional person. I always think that a woman who gives her body to a man is his woman. Moreover, I am not a virgin because of sutras. He ca n’t disregard sutras.Love me, marry everyone the same without love, so I decided to stay with him. At first he was really good to me. It was almost everything, but after a long time together, I found that he and he imaginedThe truth is too far away. He has no idea what he wants. His parents have to decide everything. He also has no entrepreneurship and no money. He asks his parents and even lied often. When he talks loudly, I start to dislike him.I do n’t like a 26-year-old man, and he reached out to ask his parents for money, so we started having a quarrel. At first he would coax me, let me, and later quarreled with me, and even beat me once, II thought of breaking up, but every time he cried and regretted that he would not do this next time. We broke up again and again and again. In the breakup and breakup I found that I was pregnant. When he knewAt the news,The whole body trembled with joy, and I also had a motherly emotion. At that moment, we all suddenly became like a person. He became as meticulous as ever, and I became tender and never before.The child in the belly is infinitely expecting and pitying, not because I fell in love with my husband, but because I finally have a person close to me, and I am finally not alone, when we are three months pregnant, we are antique and simpleAnd the lively wedding, because the belly began to grow big, I did not wear the wedding dress I dreamed of, just like his bride.

  Before the baby was born, we started to fight again. I even got postpartum depression, often insomnia, fear, anxiety, despair. Fortunately, my husband and his mother never let me worry about bringing children, but I have alreadyI completely lost confidence in life. When my son was 4 months old, I said that I was going to work. I really would go crazy when I stayed in this house, so I went to work outside, but every night I thought of my son ‘s cute face.This kind of guilt tortured me. I left him when the child was so young. I am a bad mother. This kind of thought prevents me from working properly. Every day I see other women playing with children. I said to myself that I must go back.

But when I got home, we had endless quarrels.

At that time, it was just a form for me to live. It had no meaning at all. Only the smiling face of my son can give me a short-term happiness. For my son, I must be alive and I should be alive.

  Sometimes I do n’t know when this kind of day will come to an end. Maybe this is the punishment from heaven, punishment for my irrationality and immaturity, punishment for impulsive and hasty marriage to him, emotion for myselfIrresponsible punishment.

  Due to the loss of money from her husband’s business, the economy suddenly became more and more compelling, but we could not fight anymore, because we no longer had the desire to talk to each other., I am also a child growing up in a single parent family, and I understand how little it is for a child to grow up in a single parent.

When a woman is a mother, she cannot be so selfish just to think for herself.

So I proposed to separate, to be a woman living alone, to find an ideal job, and suddenly became the object that many men pursue, although I know that many of him are not good intentions.

  A lonely woman always feels that some stories will happen, passionate, romantic, unreasonable, but nothing happens.

  Some people say that I should fall in love once or indulge once, but I can’t do it, not because I don’t yearn for men, otherwise the blood in my body feels cold, if that man is not enthusiastic enough to love me.

I don’t think I will light my desire easily, because I really find a reason to let myself fall.

  I was 26 in 4 months. Today, I took a closer look at the mirror. I found that I was old and my skin was obviously less rosy than before. I was most proud of my delicate face, but now I am pale.Now, there are some small acne. I do n’t know how many years a woman is young, and how much capital I have to spend. I only know that in the best days of my life, I gave a man I did n’t love. I used to think I wasI can face this man calmly, but now I find that the man I have been wronged for three years, I ca n’t even tolerate a new hairstyle for him, I suddenly find myself funny, why did I make this mistake after three years, I thoughtI will fall in love with him. I thought I was not so unlucky. I thought he was a potential stock, but in fact he was nothing.

Three years is enough for an innocent girl to change everything, including her perspective on the world. Yes, I changed. He did change me. In reality, Cinderella can never have a prince. Of course, I am not Cinderella. IThe prince never appeared, I was just a stupid woman wandering in loneliness, sometimes I felt that I was the most qualified angry woman in the world, but I finally calmed my heart, because I know there is a wordFate cannot be changed by anyone.

  These days, I often have insomnia. In fact, there are still many opportunities for 25-year-old women. There are still many men waiting for me to discover. But I am tired. I am protesting from the heart to the body.Desperate, but I don’t understand, what is the love I want, or I have lost the power to enjoy love.

Palm lines reflect health

Palm lines reflect health

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the hand is the site where the yin and yang meridian qi and blood meet.

Focusing on palm disease is mainly derived from the observation of some small lines through changes in human health.

Hand diagnosis is the best place for self-examination, because the supplement is easy to make and the judgment is accurate.

  The texture on each person’s hand develops in the fourth month of gradual development.

The finger ridge pattern (that is, the pattern of the finger part) is unchanged for life, and the palm fold pattern (the main three stripes on the palm) has a high stability.

  When a person’s body is not good, the color of the hand, fine lines and muscle elasticity will change.

For example, when the heart function is weakened, the muscles outside the palm of your hand near the middle of the big fish (protruding muscles between your thumb and wrist) will feel soft and sag. Massage this part will improve the heart condition reflexively., So that the patient’s chest tightness and palpitations are relieved.

  People with abnormal personality, temperament, and abnormal psychological activities often add stripe obstacles on the palms, and the lines are chaotic and complex, and even marks on the skin and nail color.

  Normal people with simple and bright handprints rarely get sick during the young age, but they are susceptible to outbreaks or tumors in old age. People with many handprints and clutter may be more sick in young age, but rarely die in old age.Or a malignant tumor occurs; if there is a “Jing” pattern near the index finger of the palm, it indicates that it has excessively ingested diseases such as chicken, duck, fish, and other diseases that cause mild metabolic disorders.

  ”Through hands” is a proportion of longevity elderly people, but it is not “blessing.”

The opposite “disease” is that some hereditary diseases such as congenital stupidity, trisomy B syndrome, and other patients have an incidence of “through hands” as high as 31% -62%. These patients are accompanied by significant intellectual development.obstacle.

Only the “integrated hands” with normal intelligence can have a longevity. The conditions for its existence are that you have a regular life, a proper diet, and a happy spirit.

  Most of the ten fingers face outward (that is, the little finger) with recombined dusty fingerprints, which may cause complications in patients with dementia.

Pay attention to the balance of 5 nutrients in fitness

Pay attention to the balance of 5 nutrients in fitness

Fitness needs to pay attention to the balance of 5 kinds of nutrition1. In addition to eating foods rich in animal protein, protein should also eat soy products rich in plant protein.

Soybean sprouts are rich in aspartic acid, which is beneficial to the metabolism of lactic acid in muscles, and the appearance of gradual fatigue is a kind of inexpensive and good food for fitness exercisers.

In general, protein demand peaks during the 90 minutes after training, at which point protein supplementation works best.

Foods with trace amounts of protein are: lean meat, eggs, fish, milk and beans.

  2. Vitamins Fresh vegetables and fruits contain a variety of vitamins. As long as you often eat different varieties of vegetables and fruits, you can get the vitamins that the human body needs.

  3. Supplementation Generally, excess glucose should be added before fitness exercises to ensure the storage of liver glycogen, to prepare energy for training and to maintain blood glucose levels; to supplement in time after exercise to promote the recovery of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen.

The highest carbohydrate foods are: rice, cereals, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

  4, energy ratio The basic nutrition in fitness is energy.

The nutritional ratios of plasma, aunt, and protein in the diet claim to vary.

Generally 20% protein, 60% carbohydrate, 20% aunt is more suitable.

Protein mainly repairs the muscle fibers damaged during high-intensity training. Some bodybuilders do not know when to take protein and often drink milk and yogurt while training, which will cause waste and damage the body.

  5, water and salt balance the human body’s metabolism is relatively strong in summer, sweating can expel toxins in the human body, release transformation, which is beneficial to human health.

Passive sweating (such as sweating due to hot weather, irritability, etc.) is not good for the human body. If the body is in a poor state, this sweating will cause some damage to the human body.

Active sweating is the sweat produced by the human body’s active movement. It is used to maintain the temperature in the body and to emit quantums, which is good for your health.

  After sweating, you must promptly replenish moisture and inorganic salts.

The correct method of hydration depends on different fitness intensity, but you must pay attention to drink slowly, the water temperature should not be too low, light salt water or sports drinks rich in various minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body, but do not take it by yourselfMedicines containing certain minerals and vitamins to avoid causing complications.

This is to try to maintain the balance of the internal environment of the body as much as possible, so that the slight burning effect brought by exercise can be fully exerted.

Choosing the right yoga suit for your comfortable yoga practice

Choosing the right yoga suit for your comfortable yoga practice

Equipped with the convenience and comfort of meditation, the yoga clothes are appropriately comfortable and loose.

In the height of the oriental flavor this year, the Zen-style fashion advocating simplicity and nature is blowing quietly at the same time, and the yoga clothes are naturally a spirit of Zen practice.

Tight fitness clothes are not a substitute for yoga wear.

Yoga clothing does not have to be wide-sleeved and large-sleeved. From a convenient point of view, it can be made tight and loose.

  Tops: A top that practice more yoga, does not necessarily have to be a zen style clothing of monk clothes, robes, and temperament is most important to taste.

The emphasis is on spirituality, the realization is comfort, and the sensibility is Zen interest.

Therefore, when choosing a top, as long as you pay more attention to some small details, you can not only meet your Zen consciousness, but also add points to your beauty.

  Pants type: Drawstring slacks, prepare two slacks for yourself.

One of the best sports-style knitted casual pants can also be worn in the home service environment; one is cotton linen pants, the popular 7 points, 5 points can be, can let you reduce, vacation, fashionable grasp.

Treat life as a trip

Treat life as a trip

Each of us may have a bad job and environment in our lives. When we encounter misfortunes and bumps, we may also have hard work and bad moods.

Therefore, when each of us came to this world, we were destined to experience various destinies.

  If we take life as a long journey, unfortunate and bumpy, hard work and suffering are counted as expenses we have to spend.

  Well, in this trip, we can regard bumpy and hard work as trekking through mountains, crossing dangerous bridges, and walking narrow paths.

When we absorb the bright sunshine of spring, we will relocate the heavy clothes, wash away the dust, and enjoy the sun and the moon leisurely.

Therefore, the bitterness of the human world fluctuates, and we will take it for granted.

  As a decent traveler, it takes courage, and only those who have the courage to take the risk of travel can reach the pinnacle of life.

When faced with adversity, learn to endure it, tolerate it, and then take out a little more courage and confidence than ordinary people. We become ourselves not only seeing the hardships or sufferings of the journey, but at this time, we often feel sad alone.With tears in your cheeks, it is better to slowly cultivate and weave on your own existing conditions. When the opportunity comes, you have enough conditions to cope with everything you need to face in reality.Will improve.

  Many things I have experienced have led me to believe that as long as I do n’t let myself down, the environment and reality wo n’t be able to treat you . As the saying goes: “Eat bitterly and bitterly, just be good.”

If we have been stable since we were young, we will be calm and calm like a pond, and live in a greenhouse like young chicks and seedlings. The blue sky we see is also a little bit, and the temperature we can adapt to is so small, so lifeWhat’s so interesting about the journey?

Adversity is the nutrition of business success. Only with persistent efforts can we surpass the rapids and reach the other side of victory.

  Adversity is a good medicine for life. Treat it well, and you know how to taste it.

Women’s health is known by looking at the waist

Women’s health is known by looking at the waist

In her early twenties, she wore KFC in a fashionable dress with an open waist. Suddenly, an unfamiliar mother-in-law patted me, and she said carefully: girl, you will leave the root cause.

I somehow.

When I was 30 years old, I finally started to understand. It turned out-wake up one: let the menopause appear at eleven early to go home and chat with her mother.

Then a little bit longer: Maybe the menopause has passed.

I’m surprised, don’t women enter menopause around 50?

Mother is only 50 years old.

Mom explained that because of kidney deficiency, menopause came in her 40s.


It turns out that kidney deficiency is so terrible!

  Happiness reminder: Generally, menopause occurs in women around 50 years of age, while women with “kidney deficiency” show menopause symptoms such as amenorrhea, low libido, irritability, anxiety, and doubt.

Therefore, it is very important to take a rest, and of course you should exercise more.

It is best to be gentle, with the traditional sports mode of ease and peace-Tai Chi.

  Awake 2: Eyelids are swollen, dark circles are aggravated, and the complexion is pale More than half a month after the end of the long vacation, when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, I will find a completely strange myself: eyelids are swollen, sometimes spread to the lower limbs, and paleLight.

Does it look unaccustomed because there is no makeup?

When my colleague Zhang saw me, she kept asking: Recently, she doesn’t look well, is she a little kidney deficiency?

  Happiness reminder: Kidney is the main water, kidney deficiency can cause blood circulation problems, and people look puffy.

So drink less water before bedtime.

Do strong kidney exercises: your feet are parallel, your feet are as wide as your shoulders, your eyes are flat, your arms hang down naturally, your palms are attached to the seam of your pants, your fingers are naturally open, your heels are lifted, and you can breathe 9 times without falling.

  Awake three: Afraid of being cold in the office, I think the right temperature always makes Zhang Zhang hiccup. Although she and I feel good, it is always difficult to reach an agreement on the temperature of the air conditioner.

Sister Zhang started wearing a coat when I was wearing a trench coat. The bulky look made me funny.

  Happiness reminder: Sister Zhang has a deficiency of kidney yang.

Kidney yang is cold.

You can pay attention to choosing warm foods such as mutton, dog meat, beef, chives, peppers, onions, ginger, and longan in your daily diet.

  Awake four: insomnia, hot body, focus on difficulties, and it is near the end of the year. It is probably too much work to summarize.

The mood is always irritable, it is difficult to concentrate, and often insomnia and dreaming.

In addition, waist and knees often feel weak.

  Happiness reminder: This is a manifestation of kidney yin deficiency.

Due to huge work pressure, nervous mood, excessive intercourse, or eating a lot of warm and dry food, kidney yin deficiency may occur, so there must be restraint sometimes.

In addition, you can eat more duck, turtle, coriander, lotus seeds, lilies, medlars, fungus, grapes, mulberries and other foods in your diet.

  Awake five: Maybe it will destroy the “Mom’s Dream”. My mother knows my insomnia and is very nervous. I have to take me to Chinese medicine.

My mother said that if there is a kidney problem, it is not a trivial matter, maybe she will not be a mother!

  Happiness reminder: don’t believe it?

Due to the kidney’s non-cooperation, it is very likely to affect your lineage succession and cause infertility!

Because the female reproductive system is gradually matured under the care of essence.

No matter how perfect you care, your BB plan may really have a big question mark.

You can take Liuwei Dihuang Wan appropriately under the guidance of a doctor, and often massage your feet.

  Awake six: get fat, get fat, and then get fat again?

This is a question that almost every woman repeatedly asks herself in the face of the mirror, and I can’t be exception.When I asked my husband whether he was fat every day, he sincerely thought that I was a fairy.

But I knew I was fat. Obviously, last year’s clothes could not be worn.

  Happiness reminder: Few people associate body fat with kidney deficiency and ask themselves: Is it true?

But the truth is, your culprit may be kidney deficiency.

You can rub the palms of your hands every day and put them on your waist until you feel hot, several times in the morning and evening, to replenish kidney qi.

In addition, eat more duck, goose, rabbit meat, in addition, carp, previous rice, glutinous rice, millet, jujube and other Qi food is also necessary.

  After learning so much in detail, I came to realize that kidney-reinforcing kidney is not a discipline for men, but for both men and women.

If I had a Tinkerbell time machine, I would go back and say to the 20-year-old little girl: Really, don’t wear a waistless outfit!

Advice for entry bodybuilders

Advice for entry bodybuilders

What you are about to start is the most accumulated activity in your life.

You will become a brand new bodybuilding image.

Your body will be healthier, with more muscular muscles, more graceful postures, more flexible movements, more agile thinking, and more creative and expressive.

Because you are well-proportioned and strong, you will overcome obstacles previously thought to be insurmountable.

Your life will be more diverse than in the past, and you must continue to exercise and be ambitious until the training course brings you to your ideal body shape.

  The consistency of training is the key to muscle growth. There is no discontinuous training course in the world, or unscientific blind training can win the championship.

  First of all, it must be recognized that not everyone can participate in bodybuilding competitions.

The most important factor is to have a dedication to bodybuilding, pay close attention to nutrition, and insist on continuous hard training.

  Then, there is a congenital body (skeleton) that meets the conditions for participating in the competition.

Have an accurate assessment of yourself.

For example, whether there is a wide tibia and a suitable narrow waist (hip); whether it has small joints and a narrow waist, or a large joint and a wide waist; whether it has a congenital beautifully shaped calf or a thin and thin lower limb; whether it has congenital beautiful muscleform.

  All of the above issues can improve or damage your image of becoming a bodybuilding champion. If there are still many weak links in these areas, you should have an alternative preparation time (your training course) to participate in the competition.

  If you want to participate in bodybuilding competitions in the future, you can start preparing now.

  There must be at least six months of comprehensive scientific training to develop basic strength and basic body shape. If the basic exercise of the muscle groups in each part is overlapped, it will be slow in higher-level training.

  If you want to achieve higher muscle growth without adding extra aunts, you must continue to have the right nutrition and complete training program.

When you are training hard, protein can help muscle growth, and free radicals provide heat for training.

The effect of hard work is inseparable from your diet.

Muscle fibers can only grow if they provide enough protein, but don’t exercise too much.

Some bodybuilders consume 80-100 grams of protein per day throughout the year and still gain muscle mass.

But some bodybuilders consume 150-200 grams of protein every day.

As stated in the introductory course, it is recommended that you consume protein by weight every day, that is, 2 grams of protein for 1 kilogram of body weight.

Complete protein is absorbed from animals (meat, fish, livestock, eggs and dairy products), and it balances the essential amino acids in the body.

Proteins in human muscle tissue contain 22 amino acids.

Eight of them cannot be synthesized in the human body.

These 8 amino acids must be supplemented from food.

Vegetarian protein contains only one or more essential amino acids in the protein, so you also need to ingest large amounts of complete protein from other foods.

  In order to grow muscle mass, you must take in enough protein, but don’t overdo it.

  No matter how many championships he has won, you should not follow the example of a talented bodybuilder for training.

Your training method must match your body type and personality.

If you want to reach your ideal state, you have to realize your full potential.

If you want to become a bodybuilding champion, you must have good innate conditions.

Every boy and girl, no matter how bad their innate conditions are, the effect of improving body shape through bodybuilding training is 100%.

In other sports, if athletes strive to complete technical movements better and improve their performance, the use of weight training (bodybuilding training) is the fastest and most effective training method.

  When starting a bodybuilding training course, start with a slow and easy training course, avoid irritability, exercise the correct trajectory, and gradually increase the amount of exercise.

One of the most common causes of injuries and failures is excessive exercise using champion training methods.

  Throughout the initial training phase, the position of each training movement must be complete from the beginning to the end, the time is 3 seconds (when the force is applied), and the muscle is at the peak contraction state for 1 second (when the action time).

Then let go and return to the starting position control for 4 seconds (when returning).

For the best training results, muscles should be completely contracted in each trial, but this feeling is short-lived.Senior bodybuilders also often use accelerated movements (including training principles such as number of forcings, number of assists, and number of local movements) to increase training intensity, but they will never lose control of the movements during the exercise and have the ability to withstand high-intensity training, So they will also get the most benefit.

  Basically, as long as you break through the successful experience and failure lessons of the weekly course, divide, summarize, and accumulate, you will get the maximum training effect.

Combining your exercise intensity, mental strength, and charm of life is the beginning of becoming a bodybuilding champion.

In the game, if you want to make full use of your talents and show strength and charm, you must make the referee feel that you are the champion at a glance.

So for muscle balance and strength, training is always the subject.


Wade (instructor of bodybuilding champions since 1936, students include Schwarzenegger, Zane, Columbus, Oliver, Scott .) Primary entry level training principles: 3 times a week, once every other dayDevelop comprehensive strength and body training for the whole body. In the first month, only 1 set of each action is performed, 8-12 times per set, 12-15 moves per time, and 1-2 moves per body part.The total number of muscle parts is 2-4 groups.

  Training points: The speed control during training is the top priority. The principle of constant speed power is used from 4 seconds to 4 seconds. The speed cannot be accelerated from the first time to the last time. The choice of weight is to do everything possible. 10This is the standard, but the first training is only completed 8 times (only 80% strength).

If the weight does not increase, after 3-4 exercises (depending on the specific situation of the day), if you can lift up to 12 times, then you should add some weight when you practice this exercise the next time (upper body training 1-3KG, lower body 2-5KG), you only need to complete it 8 times after increasing the weight, and then after a part of the exercise, when this weight can lift 12 times, you must increase the appropriate weight, and so on, the strength will graduallygrowth of.

  Specific training method: In the first month, only one set of each action is performed, it is better not to practice 2 sets. The 2 sets require 2 sets to lift up to 12 times, and it can add some weight. Therefore, as long as the action technique is strict,The training speed is controlled. In the first month, only one group will improve (the increase in strength and the cross-section of pure muscles will increase). After one month of training, the muscles grow and the body can withstand high-intensity training, soBeginning in the second month, each movement must be practiced in 2 groups, with a 1-minute rest between groups, and the general training principles remain unchanged.

  Through such comprehensive training for at least 6-9 months, your body will become stronger. At this time, you should work hard to increase the intensity of muscle stimulation, and the body’s recovery ability is not due to the increase in training intensity, strength and muscle volume.Growth while improving.

  Intermediate training principles: All five criteria for reaching the primary strength level (1RM for barbell bench press is equal to weight multiplied by 1.

278 kg, full squat is 1.

524, deadlift is 1.

860, the barbell is recommended to 0 correctly.

894, the barbell curl is 0.

600), the muscle groups in all parts have developed in a comprehensive and balanced manner.

In order to make better progress, you must increase the training intensity (the number of local muscle training moves is 2 and the total number of groups is 6 groups), and enter the intermediate training principles.

But the increase in intensity leads to stress caused by your resilience. Therefore, while you increase the training intensity, you must reduce the frequency of muscle training in each part of the week.Today, the body is divided into two parts, and muscles of each part are exercised twice a week.

  6 consecutive sessions (1992?

(1997) Mr. Olympia was awarded Dorian of the United Kingdom.

Yates (height 179 cm, non-black weight 138 kg, contestant weight 120 kg, bust 152.

4 cm, upper arm circumference 56 cm, main record: 1990 Champions Night Champion, 1991 Mr. Olympia runner-up, 1992-1997 Mr. Olympia champion, retired from injury in 1998) As mentioned above: For beginners,At the beginning, the arm circumference was 33 cm and it could lift 40 pounds.

After a few years of training, the arm circumference reached 46 cm and he could lift 160 pounds.

This shows that the training volume and strength have been increased by 400%.

But the recovery ability exceeded this level, maybe only increased by 50%, that is to say, when the arm exercised to 46 cm, the fatigue of the body was greater than that of 33 cm.

The stronger a bodybuilder, the more fatigue you can get from high-intensity training.

This is why it takes longer to recover from a 46 cm arm circumference than a 33 cm arm circumference.

If the above two days can be recovered, then the former will take 5-6 days to recover.

In 1990, my local exercises were performed every 5 days, in 1992 every 6 days, and most recently (1999) every 8 days.

  For three consecutive years (1977-1979), Mr. Olympia was awarded to Frank of the United States.

Zane (height 175 cm, entry weight 84-86 kg, judging by the standards of current professional bodybuilders, although Zane’s physique is not strong, her shapely body is amazing like a sculpture.Zane graced him with respect.

In the early days, Schwarzenegger competed with Zane. Although he was much taller and bigger than him, he lost to Zane in that match. I think that’s why Zane got the title of Mr. Olympia.Reason) In the mid-1980s, he was very enthusiastic about bi-weekly training. The specific method was to practice legs and buttocks one day, and the other day was chest, shoulders, arms, and then rest for one day.Practice the content of the second day in 5 days, then rest for 2 days before going on to the next cycle.

(The standard weekly bipolar training course in the Wade Bodybuilding Training Method is: upper limb training on day 1, lower limb training on day 2, rest on day 3, repeating content on day 4 and repeating on day 52 days content.

The principles are the same, much the same) Arnold.

Schwarzenegger’s idol, Reg.

Parker (Mr. Universe Winner), coach Vigo.

Steve (height 185 cm, weight 121 kg, arm circumference 48 cm, bust 132 cm, he had trained with Legg) In the 1950s and 1960s, he rarely trained more than 3 times a week, usually on weekday 1, 3, 5 training.

According to the diet, they are never fussy, they almost have what to eat, including Western-style cakes and stuffing cakes.

At that time, through people’s growing interest in muscle-free methods without drugs, Reggae’s training method almost became the Bible for British bodybuilding fans.
Bigo said: Is it really easy to build this muscle?
?Choosing the best basic movement exercises to maximize muscle mass, and training like “apocalyptic”, is the recipe that Reg has taught me.

Specific training method: Start from squatting (full squat), and then donkey riding, barbell bench press, neck pull-up, seated dumbbell press, seated inclined (45 degrees) dumbbell curl, and finallySupine barbell arm flexion and extension.

First warm up with light weight 20 times, usually do 4 large intensity groups (pyramid weight increase 6-12 times), and finally use a lighter weight (about 15 times), until complete congestion.

(The standard strength-building and muscle-building courses in the Wade Bodybuilding Training Method are: 1, 3, and 5 training per week, first barbell bench press, then squats, deadlifts, most pushes, upright rowing, neckPush back, bend your arms up, pull up the barbell, bend your legs in a seated position, bend your legs in a standing position, press the barbell in a standing position, and finally do a sit-up with your legs on your back.

Each movement is trained in 4-5 groups, 6 times per group, of which muscle growth has a very strong relationship with the formal group of 3-4 groups. When it cannot be completed 6 times, it can help partners to help or leverage strength to complete, to increase strength.

Wade said: Trainers who have not gone through the initial 6-9 months of comprehensive muscle and strength training courses and weekly bi-differential training courses, and those who have achieved the corresponding results are not suitable for this course intensity training)We seem to be able to look at Frank by current standards.

Zane’s weekly bi-differentiation program is more suitable for bodybuilders who have just reached the basic training level; Reg.

Parker’s high-intensity, high-volume training program three times a week (comparing Wade’s growth strength and muscle growth courses) is more suitable for bodybuilders who reach intermediate training levels; and Dorian?

Yates’ training method (4-6 days per week differentiation method, which is also currently used by top bodybuilders and some enthusiasts at home and abroad) is more suitable for bodybuilders who have reached advanced standards.

  That’s why we can’t just follow the training methods of bodybuilding champions.

Because I think most of us don’t practice all the muscles of the whole body once, it takes 5-6 days to recover after training, so it is not enough to practice each muscle once a week.

And because this concentrated stimulation method is not strong enough for our own muscles, it is difficult to withstand high-intensity and high-set training (at least not every muscle can), so following the training method of the champion, the result is either injured or unevenly trained., Naturally there is a so-called stagnation period (platform period).

  Bodybuilders know that the lateral area of pure muscle is directly proportional to muscle strength.

That is to say, pure muscle volume is the power of muscle contraction.

  Therefore, the amount of lean body mass (weight after fat removal) and strength are an important means to test the effectiveness and level of training.

  Usually after 6-9 months, training gradually, learn and master the essentials of movement, and gradually increase the training intensity, you can reach the five strength standards of primary training level, and then enter the intermediate training phase, refer to the intermediate training principles (weekly doubleDifferentiation) training).

  After 9 consecutive months of training to more than 1 year, changing courses and improving training intensity, generally can reach the five strength standards of intermediate training level (1RM for each action is: bench press = weight 1).

704 times, full squat is 2.

032, deadlift is 2.

48, the barbell referral is 1.

192, the barbell curl is 0.

8) After reaching all five standards, people who use athletic bodybuilding for training purposes are recommended to use Reg.

The same training principle as Parker.

When the five strength standards of advanced training standards are reached (1RM for each action is: bench press = 2 weight.

13 times, full squat is 2.

54, deadlift is 3.

1, barbell referrals 1.

49. The barbell curl is 1.

0) After reaching all five criteria, you can proceed like Dorian.

Yates-like advanced training courses, and heavy use of forcing.

Advanced training principles such as number of draws, fast movements, etc.

  First: Basic training. Adhere to basic training. Use the simplest and most direct heavy weight to carry large blocks. Do not ignore basic movements. Compound movements such as deadlifts are the best for muscle growth. In each training, you shouldThe most effective compound action is placed at the forefront. After doing the heavy compound action, use isolation actions or equipment to perfect the muscles and achieve deep force breaks.

  Second: Do n’t limit protein intake. The more protein you consume, the faster your muscles will grow. Generally, the standard protein intake for bodybuilding is at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight in order to better promote muscle growth.The daily intake of protein should be increased to 1 per pound of body weight.

5 — 2 grams.

  Third: Cobalt carbide is the main food to increase muscle volume, but excessive overlap will increase the body’s small amount, so pay attention to supplementary intake. The general bodybuilding standard intake is at least grams of plasma per pound of body weight.It is necessary to increase the amount to 2 per pound of body weight.

5-3 grams of carbonic acid, but not more, otherwise it will only transform the food that cannot be digested. The best arrangement is to keep the carbohydrate at about 3 grams on the training day, especially when the training intensity is relatively high.The amount is necessary. If you are training small muscle groups or resting days, you can reduce the carbon water slightly, but it can not replace 2,5 grams. If it is lower than this absorption, it is difficult to realize the full potential of muscle development.

  Fourth: The compulsory course should prepare a barbell exercise for each muscle part. If a large-volume barbell is trained, the muscle volume and strength will inevitably decrease. Only by using heavy training can the muscles continue to grow and improve.

  Fifth: Regardless of whether you want to put muscle volume and degree of development first, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to the lines and shape of the muscles before you have developed the super developed muscles, because this will slow down the muscles.Development, if the muscle has the desired volume and circumference, and then repair the muscle line and shape, the muscle size is the focus.
  Sixth: The standard posture maintains the correct training posture. Whether it is strength lifting or bodybuilding training, maintaining the most standard movement is the most important, especially when doing power lifting, even if the load is heavy, it is seriously insufficient.It is also necessary to ensure high-quality training movements with a large enough amplitude, but you must not use force to apply the load to the goal of the exercise. Otherwise, it will only increase the risk of injury.
  Seventh: When performing bodybuilding training, load is not the most important. Bodybuilding training is different from strength lifting. Strength lifting only cares about using the correct posture to push the starting weight. The real significance of bodybuilding training lies in the degree of muscle fatigue.Important, but more important is to feel the muscle squeeze and squeezing during training, and to pause for too long between every two moves, the maximum is two seconds, otherwise it will only give the muscle a chance to breathe and not reach the trainingthe goal of.

  Eighth: the number of times needs to understand the various times to produce training effects, training with different times will produce different results, the number of exercises between 1 — 5 is mainly to develop the overall strength of the muscle, this number of times onlySuitable for heavy weight free training, such as bench press, squat, deadlift and so on.

Although it is very good for the development of muscle strength, it also has its shortcomings. If you use this training method to the muscle volume is not obvious, the standard number of true muscle development is 8 — 12 and 6–8.In the meantime, these two types of exercise are the best for muscle development, but the strength of the muscles is not 1 to 5. Training between 5 times comes quickly. The number of training times above 15 is mainly to improve muscle lines and increaseMuscle separation, but it has little effect on muscle volume and strength. For beginners, this training method should not be used, because beginners have a reduced volume when they just started bodybuilding training, and they should reach a certain level of muscle volume.Then train the lines.

  Ninth: rest between groups You need to know the rest time between groups for various training times. If you use it incorrectly, the training effect will be greatly reduced.

The rest time for heavy load training between 1 — 5 is too short, because now the main purpose is to push up the weight rather than the degree of muscle stimulation, so you don’t need to be careful to rest too long between groups, as long asLifting weight is enough, this is called power lifting, although it can be said that you can rest longer, but you must control the rest time within 3 minutes. If you rest too long, it will lead to a decrease in body temperature, which means a significant increaseThe risk of injury, the rest between bodybuilding training groups must be controlled at 1 — 1.

Within 5 minutes, if more than this time, the muscles will not be stimulated deeply, because I think that you should continue to give the training area a strong stimulation and muscle burning sensation, because at this time, the muscles are mainly developedVolume and let him reach deep force break, if you can, you can rest enough. Generally, for compound movements, you can rest longer, and the rest between groups can reach 1.

5 minutes, because the compound action consumes a lot of money, so the recovery is slower, so you can rest more than the split action, but never more than 1.

5 minutes, and for isolated movements, the main reason is to completely fatigue the muscles at the end, so he can’t rest too long, but in order to maintain a medium number of times, a 1-minute break is sufficient for each group.

If you use a training program that has 15 or more times in each group, you should greatly reduce the rest time, because at this time you mainly train your muscles’ endurance and lines. All the groups have a half-minute rest time.It is enough, otherwise the purpose of exercise will not be achieved.

  Tenth: The main diet of bodybuilding No matter how effective the nutritional supplement you use, it can not replace the daily diet. I eat a lot of beef and chicken breasts every day, although the supplements also eat a lot.

I eat nine times a day, of which only two meals are supplementary, and the food is seven meals. There are two meals each containing a glass of protein powder and milk mixed drink. The supplements are taken four times a day.There are seven meals in total. In general, bodybuilding enthusiasts need to eat at least six meals of bodybuilding food a day. This is already the minimum requirement. I know very well that if supplements are used instead of daily expenses,Then my muscles will quickly lose mass and condition, and even cut the muscle mass.

  Eleventh: Learn how to overcome the plateau period The so-called plateau period means that muscles grow slowly or stagnate after training. At this time, you must learn how to continue muscle growth. Generally, the plateau period is mostly due to long-term useA training course or training movement, so after training, you should regularly change the training movements and sequence of a certain muscle. It is also a good method to change the number of trainings. Do not let the muscles completely adapt to the number of trainings currently used.After one to two months of regular training, use the number of trainings that you rarely use. This can make the muscles get the ultimate shock. For example, after two months of training, this method is used. If you usually train your calves to lift, use25 times per group and now in order to let him continue to grow, you can use 6-8 times high load low times per group or 100 times per group. This will give your calves an unprecedentedThe new feeling makes it feel strangely strange, and promotes his constant growth. The high-intensity training rule is to overcome the platform period的The best way, this training method can push your muscles to extreme fatigue. The deeper the fatigue, the faster the muscles grow. This high-intensity training is very effective for muscle growth at the same time, but you ca n’t use too much., Otherwise, it is just that the muscle tissue is broken and the muscle growth is stopped. It is enough to use this high-intensity training once a month or so.As long as we have the right diet plan and training plan, it is enough, and generally no platform stage and other conditions will occur.

  Twelfth: Overtraining Overtraining is the most common mistake made by many bodybuilders. Once muscle fatigue is excessive, his strength will be attenuated. Muscle growth will stagnate and the body’s immunity will be greatly reduced.In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to arrange training and rest reasonably. The muscles are grown outside the gym. I will not feel sorry for myself during training. I will constantly damage the muscle fusion and stay outside the gym.I will give him the best care, I will provide it with excess nutrition and give him a good rest. For me, if I train the same part more than twice in a week, the amount of training is too much.It is best to practice the same part once a week, at least for me. Whether it is training large muscle groups or small muscle groups, I will not train twice in the same week. You just need to give him enough in the gym.Stimulation and intensity, and then let him grow slowly. Thirteenth: gradual nature. This kind of deformation is very important for bodybuilders. He可In order to greatly reduce the risk of injury during training, but also to help improve the training intensity, there are many reasons that made me realize that he was attracted to it in the first place because he can effectively improve my power lifting ability, indeedAfter I started a lot of gradual exercise, the weight-bearing ability improved. The main thing is that reducing exercise can effectively avoid injuries caused by insufficient softness. Softness is fatal when training, especially when training shoulders and heads.At the same time, if the flexibility is enough, it is likely that you will not be able to do the whole movement. It can increase your training intensity, and can reduce the lactic acid accumulated by the muscles after training, allowing you to do more times in the next group during trainingI will use a small amount of exercise on the training area during the rest of the group. This can make the training area full of blood. Know that blood is important for muscle development, and reducing exercise can help you achieve this.Point Fourteen: Hard training no matter how perfect your training plan and diet plan, if you ca n’t持If you go on, you will never have a successful day. The words “training hard” are full of meaning, not that you train enough when you train to achieve success, whether it is diet, training and some reasonableIn order to achieve the above-mentioned points, you must sacrifice a lot of time and fun. Some say today is a training day. You must stay at home all day and eat a healthy diet. You mustPrepare for today ‘s homework. You ca n’t go out and eat foods that do n’t help your muscles. In order to have more physical energy to cope with high-intensity training, you must refuse the fun of hanging out with friends, andYou ca n’t go on the Internet too much, watch too many TV shows, do n’t underestimate the above aspects, these small details will make you unable to go all out on the bodybuilding exercise. If you ca n’t do the above, youWill not be a real professional player.

This theory is the supreme principle of bodybuilding in all my philosophy. In order to abide by the principles of this sport, I have not known how many things have been sacrificed to achieve the above requirements. These are my own understanding in bodybuilding.Bodybuilding must be dedicated to it, otherwise it will not be possible to achieve your ultimate goal.

Why are outstanding college students still not working?

Why are outstanding college students still not working?

In the recent period, adverse events caused by the psychological problems of college students have become the spots of chasing by the media.

A few days ago, the news that a graduate student of Beijing Normal University had fallen from the dormitory building was revealed.

Experts believe that depression, anxiety caused by the stress of study, employment, emotions and interpersonal pressures trigger a large number of psychological crises.

In this way, Nankai University offers an elective course “Emotion Management” for students.

However, can this “psychological yoga” be a good medicine for treating college students’ “heart disease”?

Reporter conducted an interview.

  College students have high incidence of psychological problems, and bad emotions need to be guided to the university. When many students are studying hard, this kind of problem appears psychologically.



“While walking on campus, similar mantras are endless.

  After students from all over the country entered the university, their academic studies were reordered. Some people felt frustrated because they were lower in the rankings, and some were tired of studying because they had difficulty adapting to university life.

Internet cafes have become a place for them to resolve depression. Long-term Internet access has delayed learning, and the vicious circle caused by the conversion has caused many people to “hang classes” and even fail to receive graduation certificates.

Withdrawal from school is not a minority.

  A psychology expert at Nankai University believes that the psychological problems of college students are manifested as confused and confused, worrying and suspicious, and on the other hand, mental disorders such as mood disorders, schizophrenia, and other extreme events such as injury and suicide.

  Professor Cheng Chunming of China University of Political Science and Law was hacked to death by a senior boy who rushed in the classroom.

In Yunnan University of Nationalities, a student who has been studying for a master’s degree has repeatedly been rejected by girls in the same class.

When the girl showed him a showdown again and brought her doctoral boyfriend in front of him, the master drew a knife and strangled the doctor.

A senior student at Nankai University wanted to go abroad and did not want to miss the opportunity to send a graduate student. He was worried that he would not hear a word during the TOEFL listening test.

Baoyan succeeded, but his spirit collapsed.

  Professor Yuan Xin, director of the Mental Health Guidance Center of Nankai University, believes that adolescents ’emotions are more likely to fluctuate due to external influences, but at the same time the plasticity is the strongest. Therefore, college students’ bad emotions need scientific guidance.

  University students ‘psychological problems caused by multiple factors Professor Yuan Xin said that the main factors that cause university students’ psychological problems are academic, employment, interpersonal and emotional factors, and some of them are a combination of factors.

  She said that what our education focuses on is the cultivation of students’ knowledge and skills, while neglecting the growth of the mind and the cultivation of emotional intelligence.

Under the pressure of competition, many people improperly compare their shortcomings with the strengths of others, losing self-confidence, and causing emotional damage such as worry and depression.

  Teacher Chen Yu of Nankai University’s Student Mental Health Guidance Center found in his work that study and employment have become two big mountains for students.

Absolutely, cases of suicide or disappearance due to employment pressure account for a certain percentage of student suicides.

  The “internal worry” that the number of college graduates has increased sharply has encountered the “external trouble” of the global financial crisis, and this year’s employment opportunities have encountered an unprecedented “cold winter”.

Some college students are suffering from heart disease, walking, eating, and thinking about whether to submit their resumes.

According to the data from Nankai University Student Mental Health Guidance Center, employment may become a new hot spot for psychological counseling.

  Liu Yuebo, director of the Student Employment Guidance Center of Nankai University, believes that the psychological problems of outstanding students due to setbacks in employment will be more serious. They feel that they are “so good but they ca n’t find a job, they ca n’t explain to the family and society.”Frustrated.

  Professor Yuan Xin has also received too many students who consulted for interpersonal problems. Many of them have become lonely, taciturn, sensitive, suspicious, and hostile to their classmates.

Some college students who have been harmed in interpersonal communication have even committed suicide in extreme depression.

  A junior boy in Nankai never turned on the water and always used other classmates.

After the physical education class, the same dormitory replaced the boy and found that he had run out of hot water again, and the long-backed anger burst out.

The boy felt lost face and quarreled with them.

Afterwards, his roommate who was accommodating was desperate all day, fearing that he would retaliate.

  Some college psychological counseling centers report that emotional frustration is also a major problem for college students’ psychological counseling.

Teacher Chen Yu said that in the past, there were more emotional problems in the second and third grades of the university, and now many people in the first grade are continuing their high school relationships.

Some students spend too much time in love and replace the outside world after having a close relationship. When one of them decides to break up, many emotions such as inferiority, anger, and pain make it difficult for them to get rid of life and death.  Teacher Chen Yu found that “the students who came to the consultation were all frowning.”

She hopes to find an entry point to teach everyone to promptly channel bad feelings and maintain mental health.

Therefore, the “Emotion Management” course offered by Nankai University is based on the actual cases and hotspots of emotional damage suffered by students, and thematic counseling is provided. The romance, study, employment, and resilience that are generally concerned by students are the focus of counseling.

  ”Emotion Management”: Give students a “psycho-yoga” “close your eyes and slowly inhale, imagine yourself lying on the white sand beach, the sea breeze gently blows over your cheeks .” accompanied by soothing music, Nankai UniversityIn the “Emotion Management” class, students are doing relaxation training.

  This course is 17 times per semester, with 34 hours.

The selection is limited to 50 people, and only 415 people have registered.

  Shi Youyou, a 07-year undergraduate from the School of Management, left her hometown of Zhejiang for the first time.

The situational discussion in the “Emotion Management” class helped her to integrate her collective life well, and also adjusted her discomforts in living habits and other aspects.

  A freshman in Nankai, ranked more than 30 out of more than 100 students in this major, has very good grades, but because his brother was admitted to Tsinghua University, he felt shameless and felt that it didn’t make sense to live.

Enlightened by the psychological counselor, he realized that others have their own sky, and they have their own stage. Only in this way can they grow up happily.

  There are countless examples of helping students open their knots through emotional guidance.

Professor Yuan Xin said that 95% of the psychological counseling cases conducted were successful.

  Professor Yuan Xin believes that spiritual growth and academic progress should be at the same time, even more important.

College students now face a more complicated external environment and unprecedented pressure. They need professional school social workers to provide guidance and services to help college students deal with psychological problems.

The government should optimize the social environment, create a good socio-psychological foundation and cultural differences, so that students feel that the society is warm, trustworthy, and relatively safe, so that they are no longer full of doubts.

Vocabulary related to good women

Vocabulary related to good women

Good women do not see enough scenery, and their existence is an interpretation of beauty.


Healthy weekly fitness exercises, regular cooking of black chicken jujube soup, holiday travel, extra sleep, a good woman, first of all, is healthy.

With a healthy mentality and a healthy lifestyle, her whole body will show a blush without makeup, which is her vigorous vitality.

A woman’s life is considered complete only if she is healthy enough to bear the burden of life and to give her family and friends powerful help, otherwise she is just a weak person.


There is always a time when independence, people find that everything depends on themselves.

The difference is that some people end up suffering this problem, and good women are born so, not relying on themselves and unwilling to rely on them.

What is eternity?

I am eternal.

You have the opinion and ability, and you can always take your backpack to the road at any time. Tears are prepared for happiness, and sadness will always pass by. Such a woman is only willing to be with her.


Confident women who have learned dance are confident because they have received special psychological training: raising their heads, raising their chests, and saying to themselves, “I am beautiful, I am unique.”

They are really beautiful, beauty is in form, beauty is in air.

A person who is satisfied with himself will develop this kind of beauty. A good woman must be such a person. Give yourself confidence and then give others confidence. This process is also a process of appreciating beauty and accepting beauty.


Optimistic “You will have a good mood at the first sight”, this song by Li Wei makes people smell the sunshine.

The same is true of good women. She doesn’t frown. She always smiles, stays with her, and is unknowingly infected by her happiness. It seems that the great troubles have been resolved.

Optimistic that they are happier than others, not because of life care, but because of their positive attitude towards life.

Yeah, how can I live my whole life, why not be a happy person?


A tolerant woman who gets hurt will be angry and sad to eat too much, but when she appears in front of you again, there must be no more tears.

It’s not her style to torture herself with other people’s mistakes, or to have trouble with others.

People can not escape from doing wrong?

She will be thinking about the other person, then pick up her own grievances, and give the other person a chance to start again.

This is tolerance and self-control.


Elegant Chen Danyan wrote in the “Wind and Snow in Shanghai” a ladylike Daisy. When she was full of hair and lived alone in the loft in Shanghai, she did not forget to drink an afternoon tea in the afternoon sun.

The true elegance is in the bones. It has nothing to do with the vicissitudes of time.

It is a state of mind, a form of cultivation, and only a woman of outstanding excellence can reach this state.


The word innocence used in adults is cute rather than childish, but natural rather than artificial.


Hepburn is a model of this. Princess Anne, who she played in Roman Holiday, has made the worldly men and women see the freshness and preciousness of the world.

In fact, everyone has a childlike heart, but only good women. After using it to see the waves, the true nature remains.


When I watched the Heroes of the Condor Heroes in compassionate middle school, I was most impressed by Mu Nianci, Yang Kang was so bad, and she was so good to him.

Now look at “Biography of Heroes of the Condor Heroes”, and I feel that it is good to be merciful.
With them, they teach people to understand what is good.
Zhang Ailing said that because she understands, compassion is clearly a realm.


Intellectually like Zhang Aijia, like her smile, is that a wise smile that understands life?

Light and bright, everything is clear to heart.

It is the fragrance of the book that brings out the beauty of rationality and sensuality. The existence of such a woman is definitely an annotation of wisdom.

Their charm does not need to be publicized, as long as you quietly walk into their spiritual world, you will appreciate it.


Seriously, in their eyes, working is beautiful and living is beautiful. In the face of this ubiquitous beauty, they cannot help but calm down and be meticulous.

They may be easy-going, but refuse to give up when it comes to principles.

Thinking back to those women who made me feel respect for boots, they were all extremely responsible for their work. How could such people be vague about their feelings and their lives?


Enjoying the sky is so blue, the clouds are so pale, the birds are so cheerful, and good women have good moods.

The true meaning of life is enjoyment. They are mothers, wives, bosses or subordinates. They are first and foremost a happy woman.

Love yourself to love others.

So they let go of themselves, walking among flowers, food, holidays, and music, dressing as a woman who loves life, and happy every day.


The ideal is that they are the high-altitude kite, who relaxes and relaxes, but does not fall. This makes their faces always have a layer of dreamy brilliance and distinguishes them from ordinary market women.

It may be a dream of a writer in Girls’ Generation, or some individual haunting, a big house of her own. A good woman must have a purpose in life. She is looking forward to it, and she is looking forward to it, and she is also beautiful.


A woman with a good self has a personality. She does not care about the eyes of others, but cares more about her mood.

Because of this, they live purer than others.

Faye Wong’s kind of indifference to my own behavior is very optimistic, as long as I am willing as long as I am not wronged, what do other people say to me?

If she wasn’t so indifferent, if she was afraid of the public’s eyes, or forced to laugh, she wouldn’t have such a clear and beautiful singing voice.


The vicissitudes of shy affairs have sharpened men and hardened women.

Xu Zhimo’s sight of many people “is the gentleness of bowing down, like the coquettishness of the water lotus,” which is not common now.

However, there are always some good women who make you deeply miss the shyness of her shoulders at a certain moment.

That’s the attitude between girls and women. It might be more appropriate to say Xiaojiabiyu.

All the charm of the traditional Chinese woman is in the soft outer, the soft outer, and the bright outer.


The women made by Reiki Shui have an aura of vitality on their bodies, and their smiles and moves are all lovely.

In “Large Journey to the West”, Zixia and Supreme Bao met in front of Pansi Cave. Zixia arrogantly called Supreme Bao: “Everything on this mountain will be mine, and you and mine.

“After that, I gave him a playful wink, and then after seeing the clever girl, I could always think of this scene immediately.

Lovely Zixia, lovely woman.


Peace and a peaceful heart, not everyone has it, most people are unwilling, this world is so wonderful, how can I go lightly?

Good women don’t think so, grasp what can be grasped, hope to move forward, and strive to do what can be done, that’s good.

According to the results, the bearable bearer, the renunciation of the renunciation, should not be forced.

It’s peaceful, not plain.

Some points in the round face MM can make you lose face successfully

Some points in the round face MM can make you lose face successfully

Introduction: Although you have a slender figure, if you add a round face, it will still make you feel plump.

Therefore, hoping that the face becomes smaller will become the “attractions problem” that beauty lovers pay attention to.

Facial acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine can also achieve the purpose of “weight loss” on the face.

  In facial acupuncture, acupuncture points on the face and ears are stimulated, so that tired and swollen faces are rejuvenated.

You only need to do it once a day for 1 hour, and after 2 weeks, you will see the effect.

But be careful, take it slowly at the beginning, and even after applying it, you can even do acupuncture.

  Baihui acupoint-prevent overeating, constipation.

The left and right pierced ears rise upward, and at the top of the line connected at the top is the Baihui Point.

It can calm the mind and prevent overeating.

  攒 竹 穴 -Relieve fatigue and puffiness of the eyes.

This is the depression under the brow.

Eye fatigue and headaches can cause puffiness around the eyes.

This point can relieve and discomfort.

  Temple-Eliminates eye fatigue and puffiness.

The side between the eyes and eyebrows is about 1 horizontal finger backward, and it is close to the hairline.

This point can promote metabolism.

  Cheng Weeping Point-Bags under the eyes are loose.

Right below the eyeball, about the eye contour bone.

Because the bags under the eyes of people with stomach sag are easy to relax, this point can improve the function of the stomach, thereby preventing the bags from sagging.

  Behind the ball-improve the function of the small intestine.

Right under the eyes, under the cheeks.

Can regulate the function of the small intestine and help absorption.

  Yingxiang Acupoint-Relieves soreness and nasal congestion in leukemia.

Right below the eyeball, right next to the nose.

This acupuncture point can completely eliminate eye puffiness, prevent skin sagging, and even eliminate soreness.

  Chest Point-Eliminate puffiness on cheeks.

Slip up along the contour of the face’s chin, and you will find a depression, that is, the depression point.

It can effectively eliminate the excess caused by too much sugar.

  Dicang acupoint-suppress appetite.

The corner of the mouth is about 0.

5cm away.

If the stomach continues to be at a high temperature, it will promote appetite, so the function of this point is to reduce stomach temperature and suppress appetite.

  Chengjiang Point-Eliminate retinal edema.

This is the depression between the lower lip and the lower jaw.

It can control the secretion of hormones, maintain skin tension, and prevent face relaxation.

  Tiantu Point-promotes the elimination of moisture.

The part of the skin below the throat.

It stimulates the thyroid gland, promotes metabolism, and removes excess water from the face.