The Classic of Health Preservation

The Classic of Health Preservation

Lead: the classic of Chinese medicine health three classics to keep fit and not sick!

According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory as a guide, traditional Chinese medicine keeps a healthy body and maintains the vitality of life by scientifically regulating the human body in accordance with the changing laws of the biochemical collectors of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.

Memorize the three-character classics of traditional Chinese medicine health, and find your own good health products from traditional wisdom.

Talking about health, long words, health care, detailed content.

Human body, divided into yin and yang, needs to be balanced, and avoid excessive hyperthyroidism.

To be healthy, take precautions first, exercise more, and expensive often.

Movement and quiet, movement as the outline; should sit still, quit too busy.

When it comes to methods, be appropriate.

Go backwards, with strong waist and legs, use your left hand, and prevent strokes.

He has many backs, rubs his scrotum, combs on time, and has a hot foot bath.

Take fewer cars, walk stronger, climb stairs, and lose weight.

Low-salt sugar, young aunt, simmering, vegetarian.

Not boring, wild vegetables, fruits and vegetables, onion, garlic and ginger.

Radish potato, corn yellow, frequent drinking water, soup before meals.

Stimulate food, do not overdo it, 80% full, and be poor.

The smoke does not stick, the wine tastes lightly, Qi Ju Hawthorn, herbal tea good.

Exhaling breath and inhaling for a long time can increase lung capacity.

You can learn and sing and dance; do n’t fall in love and bet on drugs.

Broad chested, open-minded, laughter and avoid sorrow.

Study hard, think hard, comb your hair, and strengthen your brain.

Wash your face frequently, look beautiful, take a bath frequently, and eliminate skin problems.

Difficulty refers to the intelligence, diligence, and good vision.

Walk diligently, have good legs and feet, talk diligently, and have a smart tongue.

Drumming ears, hearing well, massage the abdomen, digest well.

Brush your teeth regularly, prevent caries, pinch your teeth, and secure your teeth.

Throat saliva, health fluid, feet often rub, good heart and kidney.

Clothes and quilts, washing and drying, hygiene, less disease.

Between friends and relatives, diligent communication, often chatting, less trouble.

Diligence, good spirit, hard exercise, anti-aging.

Physical examinations, prevention of diseases, all done, health insurance.

Daily Health Sanzi Jing (1) Soybean therapy eats soybeans and has a healthy spleen and stomach.

Iron deficiency, anemia test.

Colon cancer, prostate.

First diet, dissipate early.

Fresh tofu, high in protein.

Eliminates lung heat and thirst.

Shengjin fluid, swelling and disappearing.

Anti-cancer drug.Chitosan, peptone.

Complement is also anti-inflammatory.

With jujube and longan.

The main blood, wins the elixir.

Mung beans contain niacin.

Detoxify and cure sores.

And the five internal organs, also protect the liver.

Spleen and stomach are weak, do not eat meals.

Fresh peas with protein.

Reduce bloatedness and cure cholera.

The athlete’s foot is clean and urinates.

Moisturize the skin and beauty.

Food beans, should be cold.

Cure vomiting, treat phlegm and asthma.

Toxin protein, which contains.

Cook thoroughly before dining.

Increase intelligence and eliminate nephritis.

Eat lentils is the first choice.

Poisonous substance contained in beans.

Prevent poisoning, seek cooked.

Eating broad beans, Yi Yannian.

Pulse sclerosis, efficacy test.

Allergies, inside.

Cook at high temperature and eat less.

Eat black beans, change the face of the child.

Moisturizing the skin, not ordinary.

Treatment of damp spleen, full treatment.

Should quench thirst, all poisons scattered.

Dougan, flat and salty.

Toxin-free, healthy stomach.

The essence is very effective.

Relieve recklessness and be praised.

(2) Eggs are treated with eggs and have high nutrients.

Peace of mind and moisturizing.

Both tonicity and brain.

For dizziness, less milk.

In egg yolk, there are many calcium and phosphorus.

Increasing memory is indispensable.

Pulse sclerosis, curative effect.

Do not have too many eclipses.In duck eggs, the nutrients are complete.

Both fitness and extension.

Lower blood pressure and lipids.

The veins harden and heal early.

Quail eggs, make up the five internal organs.

Yizhongqi, strong bones and bones, meningitis, strong curative effect.

Cure high blood pressure and lose weight.

Auntie, dove hides.

Stops irritability and detoxifies sores.

Childhood measles should be prevented.

Tonify the heart and kidney, dry cough.

(3) Fish therapy by carp, healthy spleen.

Clearing heat and poisoning, and urinate.

The doctor coughs and cures the abdomen.

Through milk, control jaundice.

In fish, there is much iron phosphate.

Can warm the stomach, but also blood.

Cures vomiting and thirst.

Kidney Qi disease, excellent benefits.

Eat herring, slow aging.

Strong physique, nourish cells.

Anti-cancer effect is good.

Gonorrhea should not be less.

Herbivorous fish can calm the liver.

Treatment of physical weakness, cold stomach, Qufengbi, truncation is obvious.

Less appetite, no food late.

Egg phosphate, fatty acids.

Among the fish, there are expectations.

Moisturize the skin and keep your stomach healthy.

It also kills insects and cures hepatitis.

Yellow croaker, good qi, high protein content.

Treatment of impotence, less food.

His face was thin and yellow, he couldn’t live without it.

Squid, cure anemia.

Both Wenjing and Tongluo.

Governance of dampness and hemorrhoids.

Arteries are hard and indispensable.

Eat catfish and make up for qi.

Strong bones and bones, in addition to wind paralysis.

Cough, eliminate eye diseases.Otitis media, the effect is strange.

Turtle-eating turtles should have cooling blood.

Governance of bone steaming, heat treatment of fever.

Liver and stomach cancer, controlled seizures.

Bone tuberculosis, rapid dissection.

Amino acids, carp contains.

Beauty, not ordinary.

Calm the stomach, the effect is significant.

Through breast milk, win the elixir.

(4) Flower therapy is used to treat jaundice through golden needle flowers.

Jasmine, beauty test.

Plum blossom, cough.

Jasmine should be sweaty.

Leek flower, spleen and stomach.

Eat safflower, regulate menstruation.

Sore throat, eating silver flowers.

Wild chrysanthemum, swelling dissipated.

Hibiscus flower, stop diarrhea.

Eat pear flowers, should phlegm.

Evening incense, soothe the nerves.

Eat plum blossoms, should relieve liver.

Fresh lotus flowers, summer heat.

Fresh osmanthus can dispel cold.

Roses, stop bleeding well.

For hypertension, use peony.

Daffodil, rule wind.

Acacia flowers, fall asleep early.

Rose flowers, cure scald.

Treatment of blood in the stool, Huaihua election.

Sesame flowers, governance gardenia.

Eat winter flowers, flat cough.

Stop vomiting, Ge Hua is good.

Fresh pimple flower, tuberculosis far.

Lily, should be good for lungs.

Dysmenorrhea, use impatiens.

Hibiscus flowers, cure sore.

Pomegranate cures, otitis media.

There are many flowers and different sexes.

Symptomatic treatment, early Corning.

(5) Herbal medicine is treated with blue vanilla, which is like mud.Apply to the affected area and reduce swelling.

Dry whole grass, one or two is appropriate.

Shuijianbi, cold transfer.

Fresh beef tendon, use two or two.

Shuijianbi, Linzhuo Kang.

Cure jaundice and treat stings.

Controlled cramping, milking light.

Ground gerbera, clearing heat.

Antipyretic, redness and swelling.

Treatment of enteritis, dysentery.

Viper wound, external application.

Yin Chenhao, should diuretic.

Qu Shi Huang, hepatitis ,.

Wet sores, don’t forget.

It should be found beside the ditch road.

Earth bone skin, dehumidify heat.

Both moisturize the lungs and cool the blood.

Bone steam treatment, thirst.

Diabetes is more effective.

Spike grass is very common.

All hillsides and rivers are easy to see.

Digestive intestines, detoxification test.

The snake bites and it works.

Motherwort, looking for the hillside.

Regulate menstrual blood and lower blood pressure.

Should clear the liver, swelling and disappearing.

It is essential to stop diarrhea.

Equisetum, good eyesight.

The wind is hot and the tears disappear.

Hemorrhoids are rapidly disintegrating, and the blood collapses.

Sore throat, high efficacy.

Cat’s eye grass, cure crickets.

In addition to ringworm, insecticide should be, lymph nodes, fast.

Follow your doctor’s advice, not careless.

Turn white grass and cure lung fever.

For abdominal distension, expectorant.

Eliminates bleeding and coughing up blood.

Wide range of effects and effects.

(6) The spa is in good health and the water is from time to time.

Water wealth, sickness.After getting up in the morning, stand by the bed.

A glass of water and swallow slowly.

Boiled water, full of nutrients.

Drink every day, should extend the year.

After drinking water, Bai Bu San.

Good circulation and no illness.

After the beginning of spring, the rain was salty.

The couple, each with a throat.

In the house, things will be done.

Won the child, very effective.

Eat popsicles and remove heat.

Summer heat is not ordinary.

The heat fainted and the effect was significant.

Shochu poisoning, Mo Shi late.

Mountain spring water, Weiping Gan.

Non-toxic, cure cholera.

It’s unavoidable.

Frail, taboo.

Hundred boiling soup, cure cold.

Headaches, speed health.

咋 Build, say a few words.

The pot is boiling red and seven bowls of water.

Water is thrown inside, but outside.

Burn red again, water into the room, seven times, do not reduce the number.

The temperature is right, drink a bowl.

Covered his head and sleeping.

Sweat comes out and the cold is over.

Experiment with this therapy.

Simple and no cost.

(7) Lame feet often wash your feet, good health.

In addition to all diseases, Mo Qing throw.

Zhu Jinghui, toe tip.

Wash often and don’t look for illness.

Liver and spleen meridian, through the big toe.

The liver and spleen disappeared.

The bladder meridian passes through the little toe.

Youdaokang, do not take medicine.

Four toes, through the liver.

Chest flank health, constipation clear.

The soles of the feet, through the kidney meridian.Wash, knead and press.

Beriberi, take Bai Fan.

Fifty grams, remember it.

Take kudzu root, one or two or three.

Add to a wok and cook over fire.

The slag is filtered out and the heat is dissipated.

Suitable temperature, feet flooded.

One dose for five days.

Warm before washing, the effect is significant.

Washing feet in spring, Guxu prolapse.

Wash your feet in summer and cool off the heat.

Autumn washing feet, vitality.

Washing feet in winter, sick.

Water is suitable, avoid hot and cold.

Rub while soaking.

Wash your feet late and fall asleep early.

He is healthy and ill.

Everyone, please.

Wash your feet and become a habit.

Foot Sutra, though ordinary.

Perseverance, a hundred years old.

(8) Strolling starts early in the morning, and scrubbing stops.

Weng Heyi, stroll.

Suck Chaolu, suck the morning breeze.

Remove turbid qi and clear qi.

Just started, gradually.

Initially quick and moderate.

No more tired, loosened.

Sweat slightly and avoid wind.

Green bushes, birds singing.

Stream water, clear Lingling.

Flowing like a piano.

With both feet, the grass is green.

Shore willow pendulum, fibrous branches move.

Light breeze, if welcome.

Refreshed and energetic.

High mood and thriving.

Anglers, busy.

Shake the silver hook and float.

Not hooked, not relaxed.Catch a fish, laugh a few times, weeds, and spit.

Spilling fragrance, drunk.

Shrug and expand.

Shake your hands and play leg exercises.

Turn around, light front.

Fist toes, Qi and blood flow.

From Baihui to Yongquan.

Health and well-being are easy to get old, not to worry, to worry, and to make you old.

Often exercise, anti-aging, do what you can, overwork.

Laugh often, change little, have a broad mind, and have a long life.

Good communication, wide hobbies, good mood, good sleep.

Be patient, don’t be impatient, be humble, and worry less.

Adjust your diet to avoid being full, healthy, and less ill.

Unsatisfactory, taste flowers and plants, listen to music, and get angry.

Work diligently, read newspapers, often use the brain, and have good memory.

The three-character scriptures must be memorized and kept healthy.

Teach you 20

strokes to make couple sex more sweet

Teach you 20 strokes to make couple sex more sweet

It was a terrible day: the toothbrush fell into the toilet early in the morning; when I got to work, I lost my wallet on the crowded bus; when I got home, I found that I didn’t buy electricity, I could only eat dinner in the darkness.A series of small setbacks make you craving for warmth. At this moment, you only want to seize the lover’s arms and let the tenderness soothe your own body. Making love is a physiological desire for you, and it is a collision of the soul. You need sex to break out.The energy charges the emotions, and you know the rock-solid love by making love – it can help you overcome all difficulties.


Set the environment Before you start making love, put everything you need around the bed, like a condom, a lotion, a towel, and a large bottle of thirsty lemon honey.

In this way, in addition to considering how to enjoy sex, there is no need to worry about it, and it is not necessary to press the “pause” button on the head to find some trivial things.


When he resonates with his erotic desire to make love, the man is always eager to wait, and you don’t hinder him from temporarily cooling down from the blind passion.

Experts advise you – tell him your rhythm, he will be able to match you well, you will have more harmonious sex.


Face to face, “The face is the most emotional part of the body,” said a sexologist. “Don’t be sorry for the caress of his face, use your fingers to slide on the other’s nose, and his cheeks and lips so he canCauses your deep love.

“Maybe you like to do something fresh, but those who don’t see the position of the other side are actually not easy.”


Staring at each other’s eyes When you are making love, you can of course close your eyes and enjoy sex.

However, if you open your eyes and stare at each other’s eyes, you will find that this is a common experience.


The thoughtfulness of the details makes you and his hands tightly interlocked, or fiddle with his eyes, in general caressing where he is neglected.

As the sexologists said: “Intimacy does not mean to stroke his sexual organs. You can create many unique intimate ways. For example, some couples will rub the other’s cheeks with eyelashes, playful and sweet.


Take risks and explore ways to make love that both of you have never tried to make your feelings more intimate.

In this kind of exploration, your trust in each other is growing, and you can grow together in the skill of making love.


Exchanging characters on a weekday is not always his initiative to attack, the exchange of roles!

Tonight, it’s you who took the initiative to let him listen to your driving car.

Be aware that letting him entrust himself in your hands is a process of building great trust.


Eliminate fear and forget the excessive anxiety that haunts you!

For example, my skull is too small!

You don’t have the body of his past girlfriend!

These annoying things will only greatly reduce your sexual desire, so yell at the senseless thoughts.

Sexologists even joked: “When you are the only naked woman in the bedroom, you are the sexiest in his eyes.


In the place other than the bed, when you are doing housework, when shopping in the supermarket, when you are walking together, you can show your love to him unexpectedly: step on his cheek, gently rub his thigh, squeeze himThe earlobe. is an endless love game.


Keep in touch Try to have physical contact with him when making love, even if you are in close contact with each other.

This small change can make sex more attractive.


Hanging each other’s appetites before making love, come to abstinence.

Set the rules, you can only “visit” each other, can not be intimate contact, this process only takes a few minutes.

Yes, do you feel his temperature and breathing?
You will feel a tempting warmth around you, but because you can’t touch it, you are very painful, but also very tempted.

Getting emotional climax Many people think that sex is something that can be calculated: how many times my sexual orgasm lasts, and how long it lasts. When we look at sex like this, some fun is naturally lost.

In fact, sexual pleasure sometimes depends on you and his feelings, so sweet love is the key to sex.

When you find yourself in the calculations, ask yourself how close you feel about him, and you can do something to promote your love.


Lying in silence, or sitting, just looking at each other, using 5 minutes.

At this time, you must try to feel rather than think.

Experts say: Silent eye contact can open the heart.

At first, this looks a bit weird, even a bit silly to him, but you have to tell him that silence can make you excited.

Experts say: Men never reject behaviors that can help you improve your sexual satisfaction.


When you adjust to the best time, you can have sex, but you don’t feel pressure when you are looking for it.

For example, he is eager to get up in the morning and has to report a report at night. The work seems to have occupied your time of making love.

Does he have a moment of relaxation after work?

Don’t say that you have to be busy with dinner during that time, give your dinner to the restaurant!

How comfortable it is to do it before going out to eat!


Appreciate where you feel the most tempting part of your body is to speak the sexiest place in the language, like “I like the veranda of your lips.”

The finer the description, the better, the psychologist said, which gives you a feeling of being close to each other.


After the separation of the climax, there may be a few minutes, you are immersed in their own bliss.

When both of them return to waking state, they will make a thorough retelling together and share the happiness just now.


After the sweet love afterwards, you may still be able to do something for each other.

You can help him scrub with a warm bath towel, then gently kiss his cheek, he will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness.

  18 years old

Intimate and thoughtful If you have been exhausted after a few minutes of hard work, let him rest for a while.

However, even if he is tired, you can let him supplement you, or use your arms around you, his little movements, but can protect your passion.


Don’t complain in the bedroom to protect your bedroom from being a place of no complaints.

You can reach an agreement. Once you enter the bedroom, you can only say positive, positive and happy things.

The dignified air will of course delay the temperament and make you feel the love of the other party.

Don’t do stupid things after the welcome. You just enjoyed the sweetest sex ever. You are so close to him. You can tell him anything. Yes, you think he is sometimes stupid and you are crazy.It is.
Let us stop this stupid act in the name of love!

If you want to talk about those things, it’s best to wait until you get out of the bedroom, otherwise your stupidity is like a blockbuster, smashing all the good things you just built.

Recommended 7 summer health teas

Recommended 7 summer health teas

6 grams of mint reed flower tea mint, 3 grams of flower tea, 100 grams of fresh reed root (washed and cut into sections).

Take 1000ml decoction of water and boil, fry the mint in gauze for 5 minutes, and filter to serve.

This formula is refreshing, refreshes, quenches thirst, refreshes the brain, not only for the heat-stroke injury, fluid loss and dry mouth, but also for those who are upset, but also suitable for sore throat and hoarseness.

  Three fresh lotus leaves, 50 grams of fresh bamboo leaves, fresh bamboo leaves, fresh mint, tea leaves, simmer for 10 minutes with sufficient water, filter, add honey, and cool offspring tea.

This side has the functions of clearing away heat and relieving heat, quenching thirst, detoxifying and cooling.

Long-term suffering can lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

  Red dates, lentils tea, red dates, 100 grams each of white lentils, 10 grams of black tea, boiled with plenty of water, and served as tea when cold.

This side has the functions of clearing heat and reducing heat, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening spleen and dampness, and can be used for a long time.

  Light bamboo leaf grass root tea 10 grams of light bamboo leaves, 30 grams of grass root, 5 grams of green tea leaves, put them in a thermos bottle and inject boiling water for 15 minutes.

This side has the function of clearing heat and purging fire, urinate, and can prevent heatstroke.

  20 grams each of linden bamboo tea leaves, fresh bamboo leaves, and reed roots, washed and cut into thick pieces, put 500 ml of water in the pot, cook for 15 minutes, remove the residue and filter the juice, add sugar and salt while it is hot.

This formula has the effect of clearing heat and regenerating jin, relieving cough and asthma, and is suitable for fever cough, sticky cough, low thirst and so on. It is also the best product of Qingshu.

  Black wheat ginseng tea, black ginseng, 10 grams each of Ophiopogon japonicus, 5 grams each of Chinese bellflower, and licorice root.

This formula has the effect of moistening the lungs and promoting hydration, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and is suitable for deficiency of lung yin, itching, dry cough without phlegm, thirst and dry throat.

  15 grams of ginseng tea, ginseng, 10 grams of dendrobium, 5 grams of schisandra, cut the above medicine into coarse powder, and use boiling water to substitute tea.

This formula is beneficial to qi and vitality, nourishing yin and antiperspirant, and is suitable for fever and dryness of the tongue, dry stomach, pain, dryness and appetite, less light on the tongue, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness and palpitations in the elderly.The best product.

Loneliness is not the reason for derailment!

Loneliness is not the reason for derailment!

The woman went out with her child, leaving the man alone at home.

Women are not at home, men are drinking beer and constantly changing TV channels.

At this time, the girl’s phone call came up, and she said, I’m all right, just sit at your house.

The man said, this-no, I was about to go out.

The girl is actually downstairs from the man.

  The girl is a man’s subordinate. The girl has expressed his goodwill to him many times.

The man knew that the young girl’s heart was a blank piece of paper, and he was not qualified to leave any ink on it.

  The girl stood with a lot of things in her hand and a bottle of red wine, standing in front of the man’s house.

The man said, let me cook.

The girl said, no, she was busy in the kitchen.

The man was busy packing up the house, and he happened to see the girl’s busy back, and suddenly he was moved.

For a while, he immediately pressed the feeling of this moment to the bottom of his heart.

  In another house, he started calling friends he met to eat at home, but the friends were not there.

After a while, the girl was already calling him, he went to the kitchen and slammed, the girl gave him a hot plate of dumplings.

He loves dumplings the most, but usually he and women are too busy to make dumplings.

Two plates of dumplings, a few plates of side dishes, a bottle of red wine, the girl’s bladder smiling softly, stirred his heart.

Can’t tell why, when the girl didn’t notice, he turned off the phone and pulled the curtain of the balcony.

He could hear the sound of his heartbeat.

  After drinking a bottle of red wine, the girl said that she was dizzy and fell into the man’s arms softly.

The man acknowledged that the girl was beautiful, and he held her tightly in his arms, and it was at that moment that he felt the girl’s body was so weak, and fell asleep like a child in his wide shaft,Like his daughter, his heart trembled.

  The girl fell asleep in his bed and he gently brought the door.

At this time, the phone in the living room rang, and the woman and the child called.

The man was still drinking beer and constantly changing channels. He clearly heard the girl’s slight breath, but he tried to calm his heart and calm down.

It was already the next morning when the girl woke up.

The man stayed up all night.

The man prepared breakfast for the girl.

While eating, the girl asked, don’t you like me?

The man said, like.

Are you not lonely?

A little, or-afraid I’ll entangle you?

The girl’s mouth asked like a cowpea.

  Man, be serious, life is a responsibility, just like this bowl of porridge and fried eggs, even if you eat it, it does n’t taste good, but you have to make it every day, you have to eat it, and sometimes you even find it unpalatable.of.

The girl was silent.

The girl was sent away, and the man felt relaxed as never before.

  Love is a kind of honesty, and it takes a price. If you don’t love or can’t bear it, then don’t open your heart easily.

Seduction and loneliness are not reasons for love.

Chinese medicine also has adverse reactions

Chinese medicine also has adverse reactions

Chinese medicine has long been regarded as “radish and cabbage”, and drug advertisers have patted their breasts and said, “there are no toxic or side effects.”

It’s not.

  A doctor in the United States has observed 133 subjects who have continuously taken ginseng for more than one month, and found that most people experienced reactions to overuse, such as insomnia, nosebleeds, increased blood pressure, and arrhythmia, and 14 of themGinseng Abuse Syndrome.

  The “three-drug poison” of traditional medicine in the motherland is a good summary of the adverse reactions of traditional Chinese medicine.

The long-term toxicity and acute toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine preparations are important assessment items of drug inspection departments.

Too many drugs, and the “pure natural preparations, no toxic and side effects” advertised in health product advertisements, are misleading to consumers.

Relevant data from the National Center for Supervision of Adverse Drug Reactions shows that the number of cases and deaths related to Chinese medicine has reached 2,546 in the last eight years.

Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions are often combined with multi-flavor drugs, further complicate and similar adverse reactions.

Therefore, blindly believing that the so-called “natural” is a one-sided understanding of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Generally speaking, the cases of Chinese medicine poisoning mostly come from the following aspects: 1.

Misuse of toxic traditional Chinese medicine According to national regulations, 28 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine are toxic traditional Chinese medicine.

Some patients buy their own medicine and take it according to hearsay methods, and misuse or overuse of these medicines lead to lead poisoning.


The compatibility of drugs is not based on the theory of medicine used by traditional Chinese medicine. The principles of Jun, Chen, Zuo, and Shi are used. There are many contraindications between drugs. Some patients blindly copy some folk prescriptions, or trust the so-called “ancestral secret recipes” of street medicine.It is easy to surround the compatibility taboos and cause bad results.


Caused by the abuse of tonics In many people’s minds, nourishing drugs are more beneficial and harmless.

In fact, tonics and common drugs have their own indications and contraindications.

According to reports, after a baby was born in a certain place, in order to give the child a “healthy body”, the parents even administered him ginseng soup. As a result, the baby died of respiratory failure.

Therefore, the abuse of tonics is unreasonable and even dangerous without the scientific guidance of medical professionals.

  We should pay attention to the following points when using Chinese medicine: 1.

Symptomatic selection of drugs; 2.

Due to the complicated source channels of Chinese herbal medicines in China, many large and small pharmacies often have a large number of fake and inferior Chinese medicines.

Therefore, when consumers buy single-flavored medicinal herbs or take prescriptions according to prescriptions, they must be taken away from hospitals and pharmacies that are professionally displaced; 3.

3. The treatment prescription must be used under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine, and should not be replaced in a random manner, and the patients and their families must understand and master the basic common knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, and the use of drugs is contraindicated;

Infants, pregnant women, lactating women, and other special groups must consult relevant experts before using traditional Chinese medicine, and do not insist on misunderstandings such as “non-toxic side effects”.

Can I use the tableware incorrectly?

Can I use the tableware incorrectly?

Tableware is closely related to people’s daily life, but some improper use of tableware can also cause illness.

  Aluminum tableware Aluminum accumulates too much in the human body, it will begin to accelerate the aging of the human body, and it will also have a certain adverse effect on human memory.

  Bamboo-wood tableware Bamboo-wood tableware itself is non-toxic.

But the painted bamboo tableware is harmful to the human body, because the nitric acid in the paint can be combined with other substances in the human body to form nitrosamines, which can cause cancer.

  Do not use strong iron cutlery because it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and anorexia.

  Copper tableware will produce “patina” when the copper is strong, that is, carbon copper and blue staff are toxic substances, which will cause nausea, vomiting, and even cause serious poisoning accidents.

  Ceramic tableware Although ceramic tableware is not the least toxic, the glaze in many ceramics contains lead, and lead is toxic, and the human body is easy to overdo it and harm health.

  Typical tableware of enamel tableware contains lead compounds such as lead silicate, which will be harmful to the human body if not processed properly. Therefore, you should choose high-quality products with exquisite workmanship.

  Plastic tableware has strong water resistance, but contains vinyl chloride carcinogens, which can cause cancer if used for a long time.

  Stainless steel tableware Stainless steel nickel, titanium, etc. are harmful to the human body.

  Therefore, relevant medical experts remind people that the use of tableware should be replaced with each other to reduce complementary effects and reduce its harm.

Winter homemade hydrating mask makes you a water beauty _1

Winter homemade hydrating mask makes you a water beauty

The cold winter climate is very dry, and the skin is prone to lack of water, causing some skin problems.

So rehydration has become an urgent matter.

How to quench skin thirst?

Hydrating mask is a good choice!

The following editors recommend 4 homemade moisturizing masks, come and learn!

  First, banana milk mask material: 1 banana, milk, flour amount.

  Method: Banana is mashed, milk is added, flour is mixed into a paste, spread evenly on a wooden board, and washed with water after 20 minutes.

  Efficacy: If tomato juice or carrot juice is added, while moisturizing and hydrating, it can also remove dead skin and reduce shine.

  Second, grape moisturizing mask material: grapes.

  Method: The method of making is to first take out the grape seeds, leaving only the grape flesh and grape skin, then use a juice machine to make juice, and then use the compressed mask to absorb and use.

  Efficacy: Grape can resist skin oxidative aging and prevent wrinkles. Therefore, it can repair wound skin protein and elastic fibers, so that the skin is moisturized and moisturized, and whitening and healthy are maintained.

  Third, tomato juice moisturizing mask material: mask paper, tomatoes, honey.

  Method: Pour the tomato juice into a small bowl, add some peak honey, soak the mask paper in it, and stick it on the face and neck.

  Efficacy: moisturize and moisturize the skin, white and tender, long-term use and freckle function.

  Fourth, aloe-cucumber mask material: fresh aloe, cucumber, eggs, flour, honey.

  Method: Peel aloe vera, chop into mud with a knife, squeeze the cucumber juice, beat eggs into a bowl, add aloe vera, cucumber juice, flour, honey and stir into a paste, fully spread on a wooden board, and wash with water after 20 minutesnet.
  Efficacy: This mask has moisturizing, whitening, and deep hydration effects.

Three temptations to make men’s ribs gradually

Three temptations to make men’s ribs gradually

In today’s increasingly rich material life, many men are seduced by all kinds of locks.

However, some of these temptations are the cause of men’s health problems!

Let’s take a look together, what temptations have been seducing men.

  The first temptation: money middle-aged men have four major pursuits: career, money, love, health.

Too many people work 12 hours or even 16 hours a day for the success of their careers and for the accumulation of money. They exchange their health for money. This is a fashion for middle-aged men in the current society.

  Only health is the greatest capital and greatest wealth.

Middle-aged people must resist the temptation to wealth and deal with the relationship between angry work and overdraft health.

  The second temptation: beauty is the hardest to accept beauty, which is more difficult for many men to resist.

In front of the beauty, the man seemed to have no resistance.

Sexual activities outside the sexual life of husband and wife are improper. Therefore, when performing these improper sexual activities, they are often intimidated and nervous.
Moreover, because of the constant change of sexual partners, it is also prone to contracting sexually transmitted diseases, which brings irreparable pain and misfortune to yourself and your spouse.

  The third temptation: The men of fine wine must know that the most serious consequences of suffering from alcohol are kidney damage, including damage to men’s life root anesthetics, and prone to sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Therefore, for health and longevity, we must resist the temptation of fine wine and drink less or no alcohol.

As the saying goes: “As long as there is emotion, everything is alcohol.

“How much temptation can you resist?

These temptations are also more powerful in the eyes of determined people.

So the temptation of fine wine, beautiful people, and money, don’t take your own health as a bargaining chip.

Seven essentials gyms should pay attention to

Seven essentials gyms should pay attention to

Physical exercise is the best way to maintain physical health, promote physiological balance, and reduce psychological stress; however, it can also be dangerous if we can’t properly train during exercise.

In particular, those who are eager to achieve success and do not master the exercise method often lead to exhaustion, physical injury, and even strained muscles and tendons.

Below we propose seven points that should be paid attention to in fitness for your reference.


Carry out training moderately.

Especially for those who are over 35 years old, do a physical examination before training, and take it as part of the physical evaluation. A health plan is proposed by the health doctor, which includes: exercise mode, choice of intensity, frequencyDuration, moving targets, etc.


Choose the activity you like.

Not everyone is suitable for running, you need to determine the way you often do activities based on your physical condition and activity preferences.

This can not only achieve the purpose of exercise, but also avoid the monotony and half-way of a single exercise.


Choose daytime fitness.

Whenever possible, put the century of fitness in the morning or evening at a certain time, and ensure that this time period is completely at your disposal.

And you must exercise five days a week, at least half an hour a day.

But remember that you can’t exercise at noon.


Prepare clothing and equipment for fitness.

If you choose to walk fast or jog, sports shoes and sportswear are enough; if you choose swimming, cycling or other items, you must prepare the appropriate equipment.


Working out together can help the team.

The good thing about team fitness is that when you’re not so active with your team, the team can promote your motivation for fitness.


Set your own fitness goals.

Do you want to lose weight?

Reduce plasma?

Still looking to lower blood pressure?

These are our fitness goals.

It is a motivation that motivates us to keep going.


Be careful.

The best way to treat injuries is to prevent injuries and avoid injuries to your feet and complications during fitness. If you are unfortunately injured, you should stop exercising and go to the hospital in time for medical treatment.

  When carrying out a personal fitness training, master some basic guidelines in advance, and understand the common sense of fitness, you can prepare for your fitness exercise.

I wish you the desired results of fitness exercises.

How to clean up the bacteria more thoroughly before the Spring Festival

How to clean up the bacteria more thoroughly before the Spring Festival

As the New Year is approaching, many families have begun to sweep away.

Experts remind that when cleaning, special attention should be paid to some “dead spots” that are easily overlooked, and these places are often the favorite hiding places for virus bacteria.

  Wet cleaning is more likely to eliminate the health risks of parasitic parasites.

Taking dust mites as an example, it is easy to cause allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis, allergic rhinitis, chronic acute measles, and high blood pressure.

Therefore, household cleaning should place the mites in the first place.

  Carpets and fabric sofas, cushions, curtains, bedding and other household items are easy to adhere to bacteria and parasites; if the carpet is stepped on the foot, it is easier to hide the dirt and grow parasites if it is not cleaned in time;The lung worm of human skin; the bookcase is also one of the places favored by lung worms.

  How to deal with AIDS?

  Yang Shuxia, deputy director of the Department of Dermatology, Peking University Hospital, pointed out that it is necessary to maintain indoor hygiene, remove dust, and maintain the humidity of the air, otherwise the dust will fly and the parasite will be transferred everywhere.

  Blankets and fabrics should be cleaned in time. Before cleaning the bedding, it is best to shake the clipboard and wash it with hot water for about 50 seconds, then dry it in a place with sunlight and ventilation.

Usually, the bedding should be changed once every two weeks. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust every day. When vacuuming, carefully clean the bed and the sofa with wrinkles. Do not let the curtain tassels or the like.

  Need to be reminded that when cleaning indoors, use wet towels, wet mops for wet cleaning, or use a vacuum cleaner with static elimination function to prevent static insects from spreading indoors.

After cleaning these and then wiping the glass, first wipe the glass with a damp cloth, then wipe it off with a dry rag or newspaper.

  Clean the refrigerator, don’t forget the seals. Many people are used to stuffing food into the refrigerator. I think it is safer and safer to store food.

Therefore, cooked foods, vegetables, fruits and meat are often found together in the refrigerator.

  Experts pointed out that although the refrigerator can slow down the growth rate of most bacteria, it can not kill bacteria.

Raw meat and vegetables may carry a large number of bacteria, and they can continue to multiply between them, which will pollute other foods in the refrigerator. Some low-temperature-resistant bacteria can also multiply at around 0 °C.

  How to clean?

  When cleaning the refrigerator, first turn off the power, and gently scrub it with a dry cloth. If it is dirty, wipe it with a cloth.

The inside of the refrigerator can also be wiped with boric acid or a disinfectant paper towel. It can be easily removed by rubbing the refrigerator with boric acid.

The inside of the refrigerator can also be wiped with glycerin to form a thin protective film that can be easily wiped off even if it is stained with milk or food residue.

Containers such as shelves should be taken out and rinsed with water.

The rubber seal on the refrigerator door can not be ignored, so wipe it clean.

  The condenser on the back of the refrigerator tends to accumulate dust and affect heat dissipation. It is best to vacuum the vacuum cleaner.

Wipe the surface of electrical parts with a dry cloth.

Need to be reminded that cleaning the refrigerator can not use hot water, and do not use sharps to scrape off dirt and frost.

  Raw food cooked in the refrigerator should be stored in a storage box or storage bag and stored separately. The food should be heated before eating overnight, and the center temperature of the food should reach 70 °C or above.

  Cleaning televisions to reduce the risk of radiation radiation is well known.

In fact, dust is the biggest accomplice to radiation.

A large amount of dust is adsorbed on the screen of the TV, and the inside of the back of the TV is also full of dust.

These dusts not only prevent indoor air cleaning, but also accelerate the aging of the machine and increase the radiation.

  Experts suggest that it is best to clean the interior of the TV once a year.

  When cleaning, first turn off the power for half an hour and then open the back cover of the TV set, blow off the dust with a hair dryer, or vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner, then scrub the circuit board with a cotton ball of absolute alcohol, and wipe the internal circuit with a dry cloth.Finally, blow dry with a hair dryer.

When cleaning the TV case, also turn off the power and wipe with a soft cloth.

If the outer casing is heavily soiled, use 40 ° C hot water plus 3 to 5 ml of detergent to stir and then wipe.

The screen of the TV can be scrubbed with a special cleaner and a clean, soft cloth, and must be wiped dry.