What food can a man eat to replenish?

Replenishing therapies!

What food can a man eat to replenish?
Replenishing therapies!

Eggs: Experts say that eggs are a good reducing agent for male sperm, because there are many proteins, traces and multivitamins in egg foods, and zinc is also a lot. Zinc is an important component of male friends’ sperm cells, so male friends.You can eat more eggs.

Nuts: According to relevant research, nuts can promote the secretion of male sex hormones, which can make male sex hormones regular.

In particular, male friends can eat more walnuts and jujubes, walnuts and jujubes have the functions of strengthening kidney, nourishing blood, benefiting the stomach and moistening the lungs.

Vitamins can promote cell renewal, promote cell metabolism, and also replenish fresh, fresh cells. Male friends can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in their lives to achieve this effect.

Amaranth: Amaranth is also known as Yangcao, Changsheng and so on.

The quality of amaranth warms the liver and kidney, can be combined with the role of help Yang solid essence, amaranth seeds can be used as a stimulant, but also solid essence, kidney, warm waist and knees, male friends with residual fine and polyuria can eat more.

Proteins with zinc, selenium foods: the formation of semen requires high-quality protein, this raw material, in life male friends can be more varied, such as lean meat, dog meat, chicken and duck, fish and shrimp, soy products, etc., research shows that zinc,Selenium is an essential component of male friend sperm, so it cannot be lacking.

Foods containing zinc and selenium include squid, ginseng, soy products, and lean meat.

Cotton clothing is not the best choice

Cotton clothing is not the best choice

Because of the fear of the health effects of chemical materials, cotton has gradually become synonymous with fashion.

  However, excessive promotion of pure cotton and exaggeration of the effectiveness of pure cotton are contrary to health.

  The use of pure cotton in the home is very narrow.

As far as the warmth and comfort of cotton is concerned, it is not entirely right.

The brand new cotton products have been used for three or four months. Whether it is high-grade towels, cotton sweaters or an ordinary cloth wiper, it will be hard and stiff.

  Cotton fiber absorbs sweat and has a strong ability to absorb dirt. However, since the surface of cotton fiber has a thin layer of colloid, it is difficult to remove the gelatin in the general process, so that the pure cotton product is more rigid and stiff.The softener effect is also not ideal.

The only thing that can be done is to change often.

  When you get a new cotton product or wash it, cook it in boiling water first, then put a piece of soap in the hot water, you can take off the floating color, fix it, and make the cotton product soft.some.

There is also a very typical disadvantage of pure cotton products, that is, it has good hygroscopicity and fast absorption, but the moisture is very poor, and it dries very slowly after being wet.

Close-fitting clothes and trousers, as well as socks, it is best not to use pure cotton, especially some people are very easy to get the wind behind, every time you play a lot of sweat, the cotton vest is not changed in time, the back is often wet, it will lead toFrequent colds.

  Measles, eczema, arthritis, and people with frequent urinary tract infections, the body is wet, not to choose pure cotton clothing, to avoid the entire body is surrounded by moisture.

Will the hula hoop cause the stomach to sag?

Will the hula hoop cause the stomach to sag?

The hula hoop is a sport that is favored by women. It is a simple circle that takes up too much space and is very convenient to operate.

However, some netizens believe that the hula hoop is basically moving in the abdomen. If the time is long, it will cause the stomach to sag or the uterus to sag.

So, does the hula hoop really cause damage to the stomach and uterus of the human body?

  In fact, before this, there has never been a clinical case of sagging stomach and uterine ptosis due to the hula hoop.

This is because the organs in the abdominal cavity of the human body have their own positions, and few movements can cause misalignment, and the hula hoop generally does not cause changes in the position of the internal organs.

Therefore, for you who are healthy, turning the hula hoop itself will not cause the body to cause sagging and other injuries.

However, Xiao Bian also reminds everyone that after a meal, it is best not to start to hula hoops immediately, and not to exercise in a wide range, otherwise the stomach can not be eaten, and may also cause physical harm.

And for some people whose physical quality is not good, some of their organs may be relatively fragile, and it is best to avoid turning the hula hoop, otherwise it may cause uterus and ovarian ectopic disease.

In addition, turning the hula hoop will have its benefits, but not everyone is suitable.

For those with high blood lumbar disc herniation, or lumbar vertebrae hyperplasia, or those with high blood pressure, low blood pressure and heart disease, it is best not to turn hula hoops.

Children and the elderly should pay special attention to it. It is best not to exercise like this.

Children’s physical development is not complete, the organs of the elderly are beginning to age, and they are not suitable. Adults are the most suitable group for exercise.

  So, how should the hula hoop turn to be the healthiest?

We all know that turning the hula hoop can make the waist and abdomen muscles get a lot of exercise.

So, if you want to achieve the effect of bodybuilding, you usually need to turn 15?
20 minutes, because this exercise is anaerobic exercise, the intensity of exercise is low, short-term exercise is likely to only produce a sore feeling in the muscles of the short-legged abdomen, but it does not consume too much extra things; if you want to achieve slimmingThe effect, generally at least 30 minutes of exercise, the increase in transfer intensity, the effect of slimming will be better.

However, in order to lose weight, do not blindly choose a heavy hula hoop, and the exercise time should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to damage the waist and abdomen muscles or cause congestion.

It is best to control the time of exercise according to your physical condition.

Older women drink moderately to grow health

Older women drink moderately to grow health

As one of the researchers, Juliet Bayers, professor of health and aging research at Newcastle University in Australia, said: “Older women who never drink or drink very little are at a higher risk of death than those who drink a small amount of alcohol.Significantly higher than others.

She believes that the reasons for moderate drinking are beneficial.

First, the nutrients contained in the wine itself can be good for the health; second, alcohol can give them a good state of mind, including psychological and social behaviors, so that they can get social satisfaction and become happy.It is very important for good health.

  Of course, Bayers also reminded that the purpose of this study is not to suggest that older women who never drink alcohol, change their living habits to drink at an advanced age, and tell people that the Swedish National Health and Medical Research Council recommended drinking guidelines.Older women are also safe.

  According to Australia’s drinking standards, one unit contains 10 grams of pure alcohol (equivalent to a can of 285 ml of beer). Women only need to drink no more than 2 units per day, no more than 4 units per day, one day in a week.Or do not drink alcohol for two days, it is appropriate.

In addition, drinking should also pay attention to speed, women drink more than 1 unit per hour.

Autumn health care needs to do three rejections

Autumn health care needs to do three rejections


Rejecting the dry climate of autumn dryness, people often feel dry mouth and throat and dry cough, and because of the lungs and large intestines, autumn may cause dry stools.

In addition, autumn dryness causes dry lips, dry skin and hair replacement.

To prevent autumn dryness, first of all, pay attention to add water, it is best to drink 3 per day?
4 cups of boiling water.

  The autumn diet should be based on the principle of nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, preventing dryness and protecting the Yin. You can eat pears, apples, grapes, bananas, radishes and green leafy vegetables to help prevent dryness, eat less spicy peppers, onions, ginger, garlic and so on.Strong things.

Middle-aged and elderly people should not take a bath in the autumn, wash 1 per week?
2 times is appropriate, no more than half an hour each time, the water temperature is around 25 °C.

It is not advisable to bathe with alkaline soap, and should add less irritating soap.

In the autumn, you should always smile, often laughing, not only can maintain the lungs, but also can expel depression, eliminate fatigue, relieve chest tightness, restore physical strength.


Rejecting the fall of autumn, saying goodbye to the summer, ushered in a clear autumn, some people feel more comfortable than summer.

However, some people will feel sleepy and tired, and this phenomenon is known as autumn lack.

Autumn deficiency is a protective response to compensate for the extraordinary consumption of the human body in summer.

Although it has undergone adjustment and adaptation of adjustments, autumn lacks will be eliminated naturally, but in order not to affect work and life, it is best to take corresponding measures.

  First of all, it is a good choice to carry out appropriate physical exercise, such as walking, climbing, etc., but the intensity should not be too large at the beginning, and the amount of exercise should be gradually increased. If excessive exercise, it will increase the tiredness of the body, which is not conducive to the body.restore.

First of all, a viable sleep.

Third, to adjust the diet, diet should be light, avoid greasy; eat more vitamins, such as carrots, clams, pears, honey, sesame seeds, fungus, etc.; eat more potassium-containing foods.

Fourth, eat more caffeinated foods.


Rejecting the autumn weather in the autumn, the weather is hot, the energy consumption is penetrating, and some people have a general loss of appetite, resulting in insufficient delivery in the body.

In the fall, when the weather turns cold, the diet will be overwhelmed, and the implantation of the transition will be greatly increased.

Coupled with a pleasant climate, people sleep well and sweat is reduced.

In addition, in order to welcome the arrival of the cold winter, the body has previously actively stored the royal cold aunt, so the body transfers more than the displacement.

  In the fall, people are a little careless and their weight will increase. This is a threat to people who are already obese. Therefore, obese people should pay attention to losing weight in autumn.

First of all, should pay attention to the regulation of diet, eat more low-level diet foods, such as red beans, radishes, glutinous rice, kelp, mushrooms and so on.

In essence, in the fall, attention should also be paid to increasing the consumption and planning to increase activities.

Autumn is a good time, it is a good time to travel, you can swim in the mountains, make the mood comfortable, and increase the amount of activity to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Happy life is more important than first

Happy life is more important than first

On that day, the family watched Wang Xiaoyu’s “Happy Dictionary” and laughed from time to time.

This program is full of wisdom and human beauty.

  There are always dreams that will be realized, and there will always be more traps waiting for it.

There are not many people who answer the 12 questions. They often go to the third, six or nine-question level. Because of one mistake, they have been abandoned and eliminated.

However, the players still choose to “continue”, and they are not willing to continue in the face of this exciting new play.

  At the time, I was hesitating whether to take a postgraduate degree.

The pressure on employment is too great, and people around them are studying for exams and seeking temporary shelters.

However, do I need to continue reading, I am more eager to work, and temper myself in the storms of society.

  Thoughts jump to the TV screen again.

One of the new respondents was very fortunate and had already reached the ninth question.

He has used up all three methods of help, and he is not sure about this question.

His pregnant wife was on the stage and basically looked at him.

  Wang Xiaoyu is asking again: “Continue?

“”Do not.

“Thinking for a moment, he opened his brow, and surely affirmed: “I give up.

“I will see you, Wang Xiaoyu also.”

Few people give up, especially in front of national TV viewers.

  Wang Xiaoyu continued to ask: “Do you really give up?

She asked three times.

He did not hesitate, nodded: “Really give up.

“”No regrets?

Asked Wang Xiaoyu.

He laughed: “No regrets, my family dreams have been fulfilled.

What I deserve, I have already got it.

In this way, he only answered nine questions, and did not rush to the perfect twelve.

The male host asked him: “If your child grows up and asks you, Dad, why did you give up in the ‘Happy Dictionary’ that day?

He said: “I will tell my children that life does not have to go to the highest point.

The host asked: “Then your child asks again, then I will be satisfied if I take 80 points in the future.”

He smiled and replied: “If he has done his best, if he is satisfied with 80 points, I understand.

Not everyone has to take the first.

If you know how to give up, you will get more.

The audience gave a warm applause.

  That is a more open-minded attitude towards life.

We have always believed that we must pursue forever, and we must always move forward, even if we fall into a bloody state.

Yes, you should learn to give up while learning to be enterprising.

Giving up is also a kind of wisdom, a kind of beauty.

The abandonment posture is us; the most realistic decision made after accurately obeying ourselves and grasping ourselves is not conservative, not retreating, but to protect everything that we want.

  So, I decided to completely abandon the postgraduate entrance examination, go to a company from the secretary, and look down on my own sky.Do not always want to take the first, but can not live unhappy.

Dragon Boat Festival Ai Ye added a thing, specializing in neck and shoulder pain!

Dragon Boat Festival Ai Ye added a thing, specializing in neck and shoulder pain!

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Except for eating scorpions, some people have the custom of inserting sedges on the door. This can also ward off evils and pray for evil.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, the humidity is aggravated. Many middle-aged and old friends have neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain and leg pain. At this time, wormwood is not only simple, but also with Ai Ye, a treatment of neck and shoulders.Waist and leg pain, it is so good!

The wormwood is also called “wormwood, moxibustion grass, medical grass”, pure yang, whole grass medicine, warm, dehumidification, cold, hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, cough, expectant, anti-allergic, etc.
Ai Ye dried and chopped “Ai Rong”, prefabricated Moxa for moxibustion.

Elimination: neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, the end of the day is coming, the humidity is heavier, many Aiyou’s old problems: cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, knee arthritis; and the old cold legs will emerge from time to time.

Many people will take some painkillers at will.

Ai Ye + wine material: 60 grams of Ai Ye, 15 grams of ginger, 2-3 green onions, shochu amount of usage: the first 3 herbs smashed, wrapped with cloth.

Then, simmer the wine and rub the affected area.

Generally, patients with low back pain, once or twice, will not hurt anymore.

Efficacy: It is not painful to use 2 times.

Suitable for joint pain caused by wind and cold.

Ai Ye soaked feet, the work is not a small supplement Many people know that using hot water to soak the feet is very good for the body, if you use Ai Ye soak your feet, it is better to eat tonic.

Ai Ye soaking feet have great benefits in preventing pediatric colds. Besides these, what effect does Ai Ye soaking on the human body?

1, 祛 火 fire, cold fire Ai Ye soaking feet have a cold and fire effect, can be used to treat oral ulcers, sore throat, periodontitis, gingivitis, otitis media and other recurrent episodes of these diseases related to virtual fire, cold fire.
2, 祛火火艾叶泡 foot also has the effect of igniting the fire, then this effect is especially good for our moxibustion people.

What’s more, the weather is still relatively dry now. If you do improper treatment of moxibustion, it is easy to get angry. At this time, you have a bubble foot and then lick your feet. The effect is very good.

3, antitussive, expectorant, anti-allergic modern pharmacological research shows that the volatile oil contained in the leaves has obvious antitussive, expectorant and anti-allergic effects.

Therefore, one of the reasons why Ai Ye decoction can prevent cough from washing feet is that the nose and mouth inhale the volatile gas of Ai Ye, while the human foot is rich in meridians, and the liver, spleen, kidney and other meridians are evenly distributed.Smoked and washed the feet, follow the meridians into the lungs and kidneys, warm the cold and evil, the lungs are declared, the gas is over, and the cough is stopped.

4, the treatment of cold Ai Ye soaking feet can also be a good cure for colds.

When you have a cold, a cold nose, a sore throat, a sore body or a fever, you can use the leaves of Ai Ye, so you can soak your body to sweat, which can effectively treat children with colds and other symptoms.

5, to the dark circles Chinese medicine believes that liver and kidney yin deficiency is the primary cause of dark circles.

While nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, clearing the virtual fire is the best way to remove dark circles.

The use of Ai Ye blister can effectively remove the virtual fire in the body, thus going to the role of dark circles.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon, the humidity is getting heavier and heavier. Learn to use Ai Ye and wine to mix and match each other. The ultra-simple one-shot, specializing in neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, using 2 times, the joints will not hurt!

Old people’s mental health should be excessive

Old people’s mental health should be excessive

One precept “excessive anxiety” Even if there are really troublesome and worrying things happening in life, we should also cheer up and actively face it instead of being depressed all day long.

  The second ring of “happy too happy” is a good thing, but it is necessary to prevent “sorrowful sorrow”, especially when there are unexpected good things in life, such as: “long-term family reunion”, “touching the prize” and so on.

Excessive pleasure can cause excitability in the brain center and over-excitement of the sympathetic nerves, which is especially disadvantageous for people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  The three precepts “excessive sorrow” When people suffer misfortune, correctly learn to mediate and control their emotions, so friends are separated, relatives Xie Shi, friends turn their eyes, lovers break up, etc., will cause a serious psychological blow.

At this time, we must not drill into the horns of the horns, let alone indulge in the self-extraction, learn to smash, talk to friends, consult a psychologist, etc., and get out of the psychological crisis as soon as possible.

  Four precepts “excessive suspicion” Some people are more skeptical, and even form inertial thinking, leading to psychological abnormalities.

If a person is too narrow-minded, unreasonable suspicion of colleagues, friends and even family members will not only affect the work, affect interpersonal relationships, affect family harmony, but also affect their mental health.

  The contradiction in the “excessive anger” of the Five Precepts is a common occurrence.

At this time, it is best to avoid fierce quarrels. Moreover, if you can’t say three words together, you will be “wrathed and rushed to the crown” and “take a shot.” This practice is not only not conducive to solving problems, but will intensify contradictions.

Moreover, anger is like a “double-edged sword”. It hurts others and hurts them. It used to be said that “the gas is big and hurts.”

At this time, it is better to calm down and “step back to the sky”, which is good for both sides of the conflict.

  The six precepts of “excessive negativity” may cause some people to have self-denial or extremely depressed emotions when they make mistakes in their work. In serious cases, they even give up on themselves.

This practice is not enough because it is very unfavorable to mental health.

  Seven Precepts “Excessive Anxiety” Some people are very tempered, and they always want to do things in one step. In one fell swoop, they have some psychological trends of quick success.

When their wishes and goals are not realized as expected, they will have anxious emotions.

In fact, this kind of emotion will not only help, but will be counterproductive and detrimental to human health.

  Eight Precepts “Excessive Care” Some parents have loved their children to the extreme, and their love presents a somewhat puzzling state of differentiation: care for children in life is in every possible way, things must be close, and spiritually too dictatorial to children., imposed on others.

Too many parents pin their own wishes when they are young, and the “love” they have accumulated not only imposes excessive mental burdens and psychological pressure on children, but also is not conducive to cultivating children’s ability to be independent, but also to themselves.It adds a lot of absolute pressure and trouble, which is detrimental to its mental health.

How to drink soy milk to teach you how to drink soy milk correctly

How to drink soy milk to teach you how to drink soy milk correctly

Soaking soybeans also has the skill to soy soy so that the soy milk with a smooth mouth can be produced and the slag rate is reduced.

Generally, it should be soaked for 10 hours. When the high temperature is high, it should be put into the refrigerator or replaced with water several times, and the complications should be breeding.

Sometimes, the night before forgetting to soak the soybeans on time, you can use hot water to soak, so that the soaking time is shortened.

If the soaked soybeans have not been made into soy milk, after a few days of water change, they will give birth to buds!

The raw materials should be supplemented with the same non-genetically modified soybeans to make a soy milk that can replace a small amount of black soybeans and turn into dark-colored soy milk. When replacing a few peanuts, the soymilk tastes smoother and slightly scented.

I don’t like the seeds mixed with mung beans, grains and other starches. The presence of starch is too much sticky, and the taste of soy milk is also masked.

Soymilk should not be added immediately after soy milk. Soybeans contain almost no starch and sucrose, so soy milk has no sweetness unless sugar is added.

In the early days, adding a cube of sugar, although not too much, but over time, a lot of cans of sugar can not eat, can not help but worry about it.

Later, it was replaced by honey, and the quality of Dalian nectar was better.

Honey is a natural sugar, and it is mainly fructose. It has high sweetness and low dosage, and is relatively healthy.

In order to reduce the damage to the active substances in honey, do not add sugar immediately after soymilk is prepared. It is best to add honey before cooling it.

Anti-aging smile massage eliminates fine lines on the face

Anti-aging smile massage eliminates fine lines on the face

Can smiles age?

Today, Xiaobian will answer you, this is what you can do.

Today, Xiaobian introduces skin care while smiling, and supplements the skin’s moisture and nutrition while smiling.

This kind of nursing method is better than the general nursing effect, and it is also very convenient to operate.

A simple 8 steps a day to create a hydrated skin thickness.

  Step 1: Apply a small amount of lotion to the cotton pad on the whole face in a circular motion. Fix the cotton pad with the middle finger and the ring finger, and apply the lotion on the right cheek, forehead, left cheek, and chin.

  Step 2: Apply the lotion to the corner of the mouth and the forehead. Apply the lotion first. Apply the lotion from the corner of the mouth and gradually increase the upward direction of the muscles, while the forehead is applied upwards.

This can improve the skin’s firmness and prevent wrinkles.

  Step 3: Massage the nose bridge down and down gently in the direction of the lower side of the bridge of the nose, while not being able to neglect the head massage.

The skin texture of the neck will also expose your age, so be sure to take care of it.

  Step 4: Stimulate the smiling nerves with a smile and make a smile.

It’s just that this simple action can drive the muscles of the entire face to move.

This kind of smile can achieve the effect of age reduction.

  Step 5: Press the palm of your hand and press the palm of your hand to cover the cheeks on the left and right sides. Use the temperature of the palm to massage the cheeks. The face should always be in a smiling position. Use your palm to gently press the smiling muscles.

  Step 6: Gently pull up the palm of your cheeks and gently lift up from the edge of your cheeks to effectively resist the relaxation of your facial muscles and keep your skin young.

  Step 7: Enhance the skin on the forehead. The skin is the same as the method of raising the cheeks in STEP 6. The forehead is also massaged from the bottom to the top to reduce the appearance of the raised lines.

  Step 8: Massage the massage with both hands. The two hands are gently massaged in a crosswise manner to prevent the occurrence of neck lines.